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TOEIC Registration

If you are in the United States, online registration is the quickest method and is available 24/7 at the ETS site for the standard TOEIC test. Credit card payment is needed if you register online. You can also register by mail. To register by mail, you need to download the registration form from the ETS site. Check or money order is accepted as payment. Whichever way you decide to register, the deadline is 5pm Eastern Time on the Thursday one week before the test date.

For any other country, you need to contact the official ETS centre in your country. You can find the contact information quickly by using the ETS webpage. Typically, if ETS has a website in your country, you can sign up to create a profile and then you can register online (credit card required) for a test date. Similarly, anyone – even if you're in the U.S.A – who wants to register for the optional TOEIC Speaking and Writing test must do so by contacting an official ETS centre. The dates for the Speaking and Writing test are not usually the same as the standard TOEIC test.

The standard TOEIC test is offered 12 times a year at locations around the world. The optional Speaking and Writing test is available once a month in North America. Availability in other countries may vary. Given the limited amount of dates and locations, it's best to register early. This is especially true if you need to register by mail.

The cost to take the TOEIC tests varies by country. The cost in the United States is typically $85US for the standard TOEIC test. The fee must be paid at the time you register.

When you register, you should pick an alternate date incase your first choice has already filled up. Another requirement is to have your identification (has to have your name in English, your picture and signature – your passport is perfect) ready as well as one other piece of valid identification: driver's licence, state ID, national ID, military ID. You will use this same ID on your test day.

When you have registered successfully online, you will see a confirmation screen. Later on you will be e-mailed an admission ticket which includes your test date and centre. You cannot cancel the online registration once it has been completed. If you need to cancel or change the date, you must contact the ETS location you registered with. You will not get a refund though! You will be notified if the date or location is changed.

On your test day, it's best if you arrive early. You must have your 2 pieces of valid ID and your admission ticket. Two No. 2 pencils with erasers are also needed. Don't bring anything else because almost everything else will not be allowed to be brought into the testing area. Mobile phones, laptops, iPods, food, bags, etc can't be brought into the testing area. It's a ~2.5 hour test with no breaks so make sure you use the washroom before the test starts. And stay calm.

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