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Helping students since 1997.

Satisfied Customer Feedback:

"I would like to thank you for your tests. They are really the best I have tried. They are similar to the real TOEIC test I passed one week ago. I've just received my score report: 940! (I was only expecting 750...) I'm very very glad to you: I owe you this success."
- Véronique, France

"I think that TestDEN is probably the best TOEIC training on the web because its tests provide the practice one needs to improve. You know, it is hard to find a website which gives you the opportunity to perform on the TOEIC Session. I am very grateful of the training your website provides me."
- Kimberley, France

"I felt that the TOEIC test that provided was a little challenging. The test was very similar to the real TOEIC test and I thought that it would be an excellent practice. I'm planning on taking the TOEIC test soon. I'm grateful for such a great oppurtunity. Thank you!"
- Dae-Hyun, Korea

"I needed to improve my English to get the job I want. Your TOEIC course helped me a lot. I can speak and write better now. I hope to make my goal! I feel confident now. Thank-you very much!"
- Chieko, Japan

"TestDEN and TOEIC are very useful and interesting. I can improve my English effectively when I do the tests in your website."
- Nguyen, Vietnam

TestDEN is proud to offer students an effective and affordable way to prepare for the TOEIC and achieve their career dreams. Since 1998, we have offered the world's most complete online test prep course for TOEIC. For 180 days, you get access to:

Three complete TOEIC practice tests with listening and reading sections.

BONUS Management Trainer for Speaking and Writing Trainer contains an extra 40 speaking and 20 writing exercises to help you practice these difficult sections of the test.

BONUS TOEIC Businesss Trainer with an extra 1,300 reading and listening questions customized to your English level and designed to help you improve.

To run our TOEIC demos, check that you have the following:
  1. Flash Media Player version 8. Download and install the player here.
  2. A microphone or headset.
  3. Optional: Web video camera
  4. Click here to check your video and audio settings.

  Free TOEIC Test

Enter your user name and e-mail address to take a free TOEIC test simulation and find out your score. Each test simulation takes about 30 minutes. The top 10 scores each month are eligible to win an iPod. See TestDEN Challenge for more details.

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  TOEIC Test Demo

There are three complete and different versions of the TOEIC Practice Test.
These practice tests have a timer function, just like the real TOEIC. The Practice Tests include high-quality audio and images programmed in Flash.
Each practice test exactly simulates the testing questions for reading and listening.

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  Management Trainer for Speaking and Writing

Featuring 40 speaking and 20 writing exercises to help you eliminate any weaknesses with speaking and writing. Each exercise includes a model answer for your review.

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  TOEIC Business Trainer

This program is like no other! You will begin with a diagnostic pre-test which tells our program what your weaknesses are and what areas you need the most help with. Then, based on this information, TOEIC Business Trainer designs the perfect training program for you.
Using this program, you will see dramatic improvements in listening and reading. You will take two practice tests and complete 12 daily training sessions with 1,300 questions.

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