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The standard TOEIC test is offered 12 times a year at locations around the world. The ETS webpage lists the upcoming dates available in the United States. If you're in any other country, you need to contact the official ETS centre in your country for the dates it is being offered. You can find the contact information quickly by using the ETS webpage. Typically, if ETS has a website in your country, you can sign up to create a profile and then you can register online (credit card required) for a test date. Before you go ahead with registration, make sure all your questions regarding fees, refunds, rescheduling and requirements have been answered.

For the optional Speaking and Writing test, you must find out what the dates are by contacting the official ETS centre in your country. In North America, it is offered once a month. Availability in other countries may vary.

When you decide to register, you should pick an alternate date incase your first choice has already filled up. The sooner you register, the more likely you'll get your first choice. However, don't pick a date and register for it without being absolutely sure you've gotten all your questions answered and that you'll be ready for the test by that date. Why? Because you won't get your money back if you need to cancel.

Registration online, if it's available, is the best method to use since it's fast and available all the time. You must have a credit card, and in your name (the name must match the person who will be taking the test) to register online though. You'll also more likely get the date you want. Registration by mail can take weeks to arrive and be processed.

For the standard TOEIC test taken in the United States, ETS stops registration 7 days before a test date. To be exact, the deadline is 5pm Eastern Time on the Thursday one week before the test date. After you have registered successfully, you will receive an admission ticket which includes your test date and centre. If you registered online, the admission ticket is e-mailed to you.

You will be notified if the date or location is changed. If for some reason the enrollment for the test date is too low, then the test will be canceled and you will receive a refund.

So the other important date is when do you get your score. If you took the standard TOEIC test, the time it takes to get a score report varies as it is a paper based test. If you took the optional Speaking and Writing test, it will take 3-4 weeks for you to receive your score report. This applies if you took the test at a public testing centre. If you took the TOEIC test through your employer or school, then you need to ask how long it will take to see your score. ETS sends the score reports to the company or school instead of directly to you.

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