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TOEFL Registration

Online registration is the quickest method and is available 24/7 at the ETS site. You can also register by phone or by mail. Credit card payment is needed if you register online or by phone. For complete registration method details, please see the ETS page.

The IBT test is offered more than 50 times a year at thousands of locations around the world. Even with all the dates and locations, it's best to register early. This is especially true if you need to register by mail. If you decide to mail in the form, ETS must receive it 4 weeks before the earliest test date you choose. You can register 3-4 months ahead of time. Registration is stopped a week before a test date. Although it is possible to still register up to 4 days before the test date, it will cost you an extra $40.

The cost to take the TOEFL test varies by country. The lowest cost, if you take the test in the USA, is $205US. The fee must be paid at the time you register. To find a location, the next available test dates and the fees, go to this ETS page.

You need to have 1 or more dates and locations picked out before you can register. You should pick a few alternate dates incase your first choice has already filled up. Another requirement is to have your identification (has to have your name in English, your picture and signature – your passport is perfect) ready. You will use this same ID on your test day.

When you have registered successfully, you will get a registration confirmation letter which includes your registration number. You can use this number to login at the ETS website to check if the date or location of your test gets changed. You can also use it later on to see your score.

If you need to cancel, you must do it 4 days before the day of the exam in order to get a refund. You'll only get half of the fee back though. If you need to change the date or location, you must do it 4 days before the day of the exam. It will also cost an extra $60 to reschedule.

On your test day, make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam is to start. You must have your valid ID and your registration confirmation. That's about all you need because almost everything else will not be allowed to be brought into the testing area. Cellphones, laptops, iPods, food, bags, etc can't be brought into the testing area. Paper and a pencil so you can take notes will be provided. It's a ~3 hour test with only one 10 minute break so make sure you use the washroom before the test starts. And stay calm.

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