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Course Overview

TestDEN's Online Course for the TOEFL Test is just what you need to quickly and effectively prepare for the TOEFL test. Since 1997, hundreds of thousands of students have used TestDEN.com to practice for the TOEFL test and raise their scores.

Our course gives your FOUR timed and graded TOEFL practice tests so you know what to expect before you take the exam. Walk confidently into the TOEFL exam center, achieve the TOEFL score you deserve, and go on to your dream university in the USA and Canada!

The TOEFL Practice Course is 100% online and your password arrives instantly. Register now and begin training at your own computer within seconds!

TOEFL Online Course

Satisfied Students

"I just want to thank you and all of the teachers and people who are working on this wonderful site, for their effort. Actually I have enrolled in your Toefl course 4 months ago, along with the 50 lectures that you have on the listening section, I could pass the required score for my Toefl. Thanks a lot."

– Dima, USA

"I got the same score on the real TOEFL test as in your post-test. Would you like to know if your program is helpful? Yes it is! I'm really amazed how you worked it out."

– Doreen, USA

Course Details

TestDEN's Online Course for TOEFL Practice is the oldest and most reputable online training program available on the Internet. To maximize your benefit, we recommend that you begin training at least 30 days before you take the real exam.

Begin by taking all four TOEFL practice tests. Each sample practice test is timed and gives you an estimated score. You get to see detailed answer explanations so you can see where you went wrong. Review all your incorrect answers, study the model responses, and feel your confidence grow.

Next, focus your study on critical skills in the TOEFL Speaking and Writing Trainer. This is the hardest part of the test, and this course will give you lots of practice and model answers to review.

Finally, if you still need more assistance, take the TOEFL Skills Trainer to concentrate on specific TOEFL listening or reading skills. Train at your own pace for up to 180 days.

Instant password-protected access to the most complete Online TOEFL Course available. Receive your password within seconds after you register online!

Four complete TOEFL practice exams that show you what the test is like. Each test contains reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections and is graded by TestDEN teachers.

The test timer will help you get used to the time pressure. You may suspend your test at any time, and continue where you left off the next time you log in.

Authentic listening section includes all the tricky question types similar to the real TOEFL.

Using a headset and microphone, record yourself in the speaking section. Powerful TestDEN technology digitizes and saves your answers on our server.

Timed writing section gives you practice writing under pressure.

When you finish each TOEFL practice test, you will receive an estimated score. Speaking and writing passages will be graded by TestDEN teachers.

Learn from your mistakes! Each Test Review contains a list of your wrong answers, an explanation of the correct answer, playback and transcripts of the listening passages, and model answers for speaking and writing.

Bonus Features

BONUS: TOEFL Trainer for Speaking and Writing offers an extra 40 speaking and 20 writing exercises. Each exercise contains a model response so you can study how to improve your speaking and writing.

BONUS: TOEFL Skills Trainer offers 24 practice sets and 2,400 additional reading and listening questions. Go through one practice set every day and watch your TOEFL score go higher!

30 Day Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your TestDEN course for any reason, you have up to 30 days after your purchase to contact us and request a refund. TestDEN will refund your purchase 100%.

Don't wait until it's too late to begin your TOEFL preparation.

Let TestDEN help you achieve the score you deserve.

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What is TestDEN's TOEFL Online Course?

The TOEFL Online Course is a 100% online course for students preparing for the TOEFL test. You register online and receive a password to do the course.

What sets TestDEN apart?

Our Internet course makes passing the TOEFL easy, convenient, and affordable. When you take our course, you will be 100% prepared for the computerized TOEFL format at the official test center in your city.

What kind of computer and Internet connection do I need?

You need access to a high-speed Internet connection in order to do the TOEFL Practice Course. Your computer must have a headset with microphone, a web browser (Internet Explorer 10, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).

Does the course work on mobile phones / tablets?

Yes, the whole course works with recent Android tablets. However, with mobile phones and iOS Tablets, while the TOEFL Trainer works, the TOEFL Tests and Speaking and Writing Trainer require a computer for some parts of them.

What do I get when I buy the online course?

You instantly receive a password that gives you access to all the online materials. Each course contains four timed practice tests with reading, listening, speaking and writing. You also receive over 2,400 extra TOEFL practice questions.

Can I review my wrong answers?

Yes! With each practice test, you get access to the Test Review. You will see your wrong answers, explanations for each question, transcripts of all audio passages, and audio playback of each question. For speaking and writing questions, you will see and hear model answers for you to learn from.

How do you grade the speaking and writing sections?

Specially trained TestDEN teachers will listen and read your answers, then provide you with a score. It normally takes from one to three days for our teachers to finish grading each test.

How many extra practice questions are in the course?

In addition to the four TOEFL practice tests, you get 2,480 extra practice questions. For the extra practice questions, your listening and reading answers are graded by our computer. We do not grade your extra speaking and writing questions and give you model answers instead.

How can I pay for the course?

We currently only have online purchasing with payment done through Paypal. If you have a credit or debit card, you can use Paypal without having an account (pay as a guest). If you have a Paypal account, TestDEN accepts any of the pay methods Paypal offers. If you are unable to complete the payment process after following the steps on our registration (online purchase) page, you can email us comment@testden.com, or call (604) 353-1507, or Skype: radames.bernath and we will help you as best we can. We're sorry, if Paypal is not available for your country, you will not be able to purchase our courses. We do have some free mini practice tests, TOEFL here, and a TOEFL test guide available.

What if I don't have a credit card?

If you have a Paypal account, TestDEN accept funds transferred from your bank account or funds from your Paypal balance in addition to credit cards (all the instant transfer types Paypal has).

How will I receive my course password?

After you register and submit your payment, you will receive your course password immediately. You will see it on the thank you page, and you will also receive it by e-mail.

When can I begin my course?

As soon as you receive your password, you are ready to start. TestDEN recommends that you begin at least 30 days before you plan to take the TOEFL test. This will give you enough time to do all the practice questions and go through the Test Review

How does your 30 day money back guarantee work?

If you are not satisfied with your TestDEN course for any reason, you have up to 30 days after your order to contact us and request a refund. It's that simple!

Can I do a free demo to see what a TOEFL practice looks like?

Yes! TestDEN offers a free sample TOEFL test for you to try before you buy. The test takes 30 minutes. Click here for the free demo.

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