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To begin the training, we first need to identify and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. To do so, we've created a Pre-Test that will determine 12 areas of the TOEFL test that you need the most help with. Just like the computer-based TOEFL test, the Pre-Test has three sections and each section has specific instructions. Once you have completed the Pre-Test, you will have the chance to review the questions and your answers and then begin your personalized lessons.

After the Pre-Test, we have created 12 personalized lessons specific to areas that you need the most improvement. During the next 12 days, spend approximately one hour each day going through our database of questions with the goal of improving your TOEFL score and raising your English proficiency.


After completing your 12 personalized lessons, let's see how well you do on the Mid-term. Like the TOEFL test, there are 3 sections on the Mid-term: Listening Comprehension, Structure, and Reading. Because the number of questions on the Mid-term is less than the number of questions on the TOEFL test, no score will be provided. There will, however, be a chance to review your answers after completing your Mid-term.

After the Mid-term Review, you will have access to another set of 12 lessons based on the results of your Pre-Test and Mid-term.


Once the second set of 12 lessons is completed it's your chance to see how well you've improved since the Pre-Test. The Post-Test, like the TOEFL test, is divided into three sections - each section will feature specific instructions. After completing the Post-Test, you will receive a score and be able to review your answers. You can also compare the score from your Pre- and Post-Tests.

Only four practice lessons will be available in this demonstration. Please click next to return to the lesson plan.