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What Constitutes A State

What constitutes a state? Not high-raised battlements or labored mound,

Thick wall or moated gate; Not cities proud, with spires and turrets crowned;

Not bays and broad-arm ports, Where, laughing at the storm, rich navies ride;

Not starred and spangled courts, Where low-browed baseness wafts perfume to pride.

No! Men - high-minded men, With powers as far above dull brutes endued,

In forest, brake, or den, As beasts excel cold rocks and brambles rude;

Men who their duties know, But know their rights, and, knowing, dare maintain;

Prevent the long-aimed blow, And crush the tyrant while they rend the chain.

These constitute a state; And sovereign law, that state's collected will,

O'er thrones and globes elate Sits empress, crowning good, repressing ill.

Sir William Jones.

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