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Verbs And Their Subjects

Point out the verbs in the following sentences, and name the subject of each:

1. Idleness is the mother of vice.

2. The road at the left leads to the village.

3. The house on the hill belongs to Mr. Austin.

4. Sharpen your pencils carefully.

5. Men usually read the papers in the morning.

6. Mary picked four quarts of strawberries.

7. Arteries are tubes which carry blood from the heart.

8. Do you feel comfortable? You look tired.

9. The Athletics won the ball game yesterday.

10. How many crews will row on the river to-morrow?

11. We can get a good view of the city from this hill.

12. Frank will spend the summer at the seashore.

13. Guess how much I paid for my new bat

14. Intense fogs prevail near Nova Scotia.

15. Fred has learned to ride on horseback.

16. Will you take me to the circus to-morrow?

17. Mr Thomas lives at 321 Pine street.

18. How sweetly the birds sing!

19. Somewhat back from the village street

Stands the old-fashioned country seat.

20. The blossoms drifted at our feet,

The orchard birds sang clear.

21. "I will abide on thy left side,

And keep the bridge with thee."

22. Then none was for a party;

Then all were for the state; Then the great man helped the poor,

And the poor man loved the great; Then lands were fairly portioned;

Then spoils were fairly sold; The Romans were like brothers

In the brave days of old.

23. Men begin to look at the signs of the weather. It is long since much rain fell. The ground is a little dry, and the road is very dusty. The garden bakes. Transplanted trees are thirsty. Wheels are shrinking, and tires are looking dangerous. Men speculate on the clouds; they begin to calculate how long it will be, if no rain falls, before the potatoes will suffer; the oats, the corn, the grass, - everything.

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