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Uses Of Words

We have now studied all the parts of speech as used in sentences, and have seen that use alone determines the part of speech.

Let us examine the uses of words a little further.

1. The box is made of pine.

2. The odor of the pine forest is very sweet.

3. In the hot and dusty city I pine for the fresh air of the country.

We see that pine is used in these sentences as a noun, as an adjective, and as a verb.

The adjective probably borrows more noun forms than any other part of speech.

We see this illustrated frequently in adjectives derived from names of materials, and especially in adjectives derived from proper names, - proper adjectives.

We speak of the American flag, the English fleet, a French play, a German band, a Chinese junk, a Japanese fan, the Italian opera, a Russian drosky, a Norwegian fiord, a Swiss village, the Australian ballot, a Chicago paper, a New York train, a Boston merchant, California fruit, and New England weather.

These few examples show the ease with which proper adjectives are formed. They can be multiplied indefinitely.

Write ten sentences using a proper adjective in each.

Name the different parts of speech expressed by the same word-form in each of the following sentences:-

1. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

2. Did you see him stone the birds?

3. The woodchuck hid in the stone wall.

4. Mr. Armstrong is a stone-mason.

5. Mr. Stone has a fine residence on Mt. Vernon Street.

6. The severe storm did much damage to the crops.

7. Unless the enemy surrender before six o'clock, we storm the city.

8. The storm-bound vessels were delayed several days.

9. Harry was very proud of his first pair of storm boots.

10. The well from which they drew their water was thirty feet deep.

11. The well curb had a Chinese roof.

12. The horses showed that they had been well groomed.

13. The old man asked, "Is it well with thee?" and he answered, " It is well."

14. Pack as many stores as possible into that box.

15. The box is a shrub sometimes used as a border for gardens or lawns.

16. They practice daily in the gymnasium, and row, box, and play golf, tennis, and ball.

17. The enraged negro gave his tormentor a severe box on the ear.

18. He knew many nautical terms, and it was even believed by his admirers that he could box the compass.

19. The others entered the coach, but Mr. Dacey took a seat on the box with the coachman.

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