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Transitive And Intransitive Verbs

Point out the verbs in the following sentences, and tell whether they are transitive or intransitive:

1. Put the pens in the box.

2. The arrow hit the mark.

3. The rain fell in torrents.

4. Night was coming on.

5. Always speak the truth.

6. Bankers lend money at six per cent.

7. You can bend small wire easily.

8. The birds are singing in the trees.

9. The American flag was flying at the topmast.

10. Mr. Adams sold us a mowing machine.

11. The rich man's son inherits lands.

12. He sold milk at seven cents a quart.

13. The boys of this school wore straw hats with red and black bands.

14. The sun was breaking through the clouds.

15. The tired farmer walked slowly home.

16. She rode down the avenue of the primeval woods.

17. The rank thistle nodded in the wind, and the wild fox dug his hole unscared.

18. Alcohol weakens the muscles and inflames the nerves.

19. A white-haired man sat on a low bench, making shoes.

20. As we opened the door a broad ray of light fell into the garret

21. We drove into the great gateway of the inn, glad of a rest from our journey.

22. A well scoured deal table extended along one side of the kitchen.

23. The fishermen caught a boatload of mackerel, which they sold in the village.

24. When he spoke the acorn fell out of his mouth and rolled down the roof.

25. Then she looked back and wondered at him as the force of the torrent grew stronger.

26. I chatter over stony ways,

In little sharps and trebles, I bubble into eddying bays, I babble on the pebbles.

27. Labor with what zeal we will,

Something still remains undone, Something uncompleted still, Waits the rising of the sun.

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