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The Exclamation Point

The exclamation point is placed at the end of exclamatory sentences.

1. Charge, Chester, charge!

The game's afoot; Follow your spirit; and, upon this charge, Cry - God for Harry! England! and Saint George!

2. "Hark!" said Olaf to his Scald, Halfred the Bald, "Listen to that song and learn it! Half my kingdom would I give,

As I live, If by such songs you would earn it!"

These passages show that the exclamation point is used:

1. At the end of every exclamatory sentence.

2. After an interjection.

3. After a phrase or clause containing an interjection.

4. After other words used with the force of interjections.

Write five interrogative sentences; five exclamatory sentences; five sentences using abbreviations.

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