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Subject And Predicate Exercises

Point out the subject and the predicate in each of the following sentences:

1. The dog loves the child.

2. Does the child love the dog?

3. The hunter caught the hare.

4. Where does the hare live in winter?

5. What a timid little fellow the hare is!

6. The vessel was a magnificent five-master.

7. Who commanded the vessel?

8. The girl plays the piano well.

9. How the people crowd the station!

10. Why are so many people gathered here?

11. They expect to see the President.

12. Take this message to the telegraph office.

13. How did James learn his lesson so well?

14. I bring fresh showers to thirsty flowers.

15. Let no guilty man escape.

16. The sun was sinking behind the western hills.

17. How can they draw water from so deep a well?

18. What a splendid boat that is!

19. Yesterday we played a game of football.

20. I heard this story from the captain of the vessel.

21. How bright the fall flowers make the field look!

22. Mr. Longfellow wrote a story about an Indian boy.

23. Can you tell the name of the Indian boy?

24. Down went the Cumberland!

25. Where did you find those beautiful violets?

26. Deep in the wave is a coral grove.

27. Tell me not in mournful numbers,

Life is but an empty dream.

28. High upon the lonely mountain

The wild men watched and waited.

29. Where is the victory of the grave?

What dust upon the spirit lies? God keeps the sacred life He gave, - The prophet never dies!

30. Hazel nuts in yonder copse,

Hang their rich clusters down.

31. With work and play and laughter too

We'll spend our holiday!

32. How fiercely the wind blows !

33. Where shall we find shelter from the coming storm?

34. Drive on as rapidly as possible.

35. Look out for that sharp turn at the foot of the hill

36. What a vivid flash of lightning that was!

37. Hold the horses in going down this steep hill.

38. How very dark it is after each flash of lightning!

39. Do you see that dark line of woods just across the bridge?

40. Just in the edge of those woods stands a large farmhouse.

41. Do you think we can reach the farmhouse before the storm breaks upon us?

42. What a terrible storm this threatens to be!

43. Drive the horses directly into the barn, for the storm is upon us.

44. How very grateful we ought to be for this friendly shelter!

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