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Simple And Complete Predicates

Many Beautiful Flowers Grow In The Woods

In this sentence the predicate verb grow, without the modifying phrase in the woods, tells us what flowers do. In the woods completes the thought by telling where the flowers grow.

Grow is therefore the simple predicate, and grow in the woods the complete predicate.

The simple predicate of a sentence is the predicate verb without modifiers.

The complete predicate of a sentence is the predicate verb with all its modifiers.

Point out the simple and the complete subject, and the simple and the complete predicate in each of the following sentences:

1. The tired little fellow fell asleep in his chair.

2. The noise of the passing trains disturbs the people living on this street.

3. The busy farmer's boy works from early morning until late at night.

4. The severe snow-storm delayed the trains for several hours.

5. A row of beautiful elms lined the walk on either side.

6. The song of Hiawatha is greatly loved by children.

7. George Washington, the first president of the United States, was called the Father of his Country.

8. The skillfully built nest of the oriole hung from the tip of a branch of the lofty elm.

9. The shop of the village blacksmith stood under the spreading chestnut-tree.

10. A small boy with a shovel was scraping the ice from the board walk.

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