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A study of the italicized parts of the words in the sentences below will show that the same roots may be made by different combinations to form words differing in meaning.

1. We a-scrib-ed the glory of the victory to the general.

2. He describ-ed the view from the mountain.

3. They all in-scrib-ed their names in the register.

4. The physician pre-scrib-ed perfect rest for the patient.

5. The followers of Cromwell were pro-scrib-ed.

6. I sub-scrib-e for two magazines every year.

7. This is his image and super-scrip-tion.

8. The Scrip-ture must be fulfilled.

We see that the root of these words just studied is scrib or scrip. Its primitive meaning is write.

1. The wicked uncle ab-duc-ted the children.

2. The man ad-duc-es no evidence to prove his statement.

3. The discovery of gold in Alaska may con-duoe to its development.

4. Will you re-duc-e the fraction to its lowest terms?

5. I could not in-duo-e them to remain over night.

6. He opened the box and pvo-duc-ed several small monkeys.

7. The farmer brought his pro-duc-e to the market.

8. Will you intro-duc-e me to your mother?

9. I cannot de-dfwc-e the truth of the facts from your proposition.

Due is the root of the words for study in these sentences. Its primitive meaning is lead or bring out.

1. Fred ad-mit-s that he has not worked.

2. It is clear that the prisoner com-mit-ted the crime.

3. Will you per-mit me to bring my friend?

4. Children should sub-mit to the judgment of their parents.

5. It is said that the muskrat e-mits an odor of musk.

6. The fever is inter-mit-tent.

7. Can you trans-mit a message over that wire?

8. The teacher dis-mis-sed us early as she had pro-mis-ed.

9. We were re-miss in our duty, and so we had no inter-mia-sion.

10. Will you give us per-mis-sion to take books from the library to-day?

Mit or mis is the root of the words for study in these sentences. The meaning of this root is send.

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