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Pronouns And Antecedents

Give the antecedent, and name the ease of each pronoun in the following sentences:

1. I read the book that you lent me.

2. I do not know whose pen I have.

3. The man to whom I wrote answered my letter.

4. Men who do wrong deserve trouble.

5. The kind words which you have spoken please me.

6. Those who seek me shall find me.

7. Happy is the man who finds wisdom.

8. He is a man whom everybody respects.

9. Answer the questions which I ask.

10. I cannot hear what you say.

11. The Nile is a river which overflows its banks.

12. The rose that all are praising is not the rose for me.

13. I met a man who owed me money.

14. I bought the horse that I liked.

15. The bird that sings so sweetly is a lark.

16. The ships which the Spaniards used on the Pacific were usually built on the spot.

17. The ship which belonged to Drake himself was no larger than a yacht.

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