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To Err Is Human

Here the words to err stand as the subject of the sentence, and are used as a name; therefore they are used as a noun.

The Man Of Intelligence Makes His Influence Felt

Here the words of intelligence are used to modify the meaning of the noun man; therefore they are used as an adjective.

The Boy Struck With Force

Here the words with force are used to modify the meaning of the verb struck; therefore they are used as an adverb.

A group of words used as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb is called a phrase.

A phrase is a group of words, not containing a subject and predicate, which is used as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb.

Point out the phrases in the following sentences :

1. The church stood on the hill.

2. The bell in the tower called the people to church.

3. The bell of Atri was once tolled by a horse.

4. They stood on the bridge at midnight

5. Here is your bowl of porridge, made from the last oatmeal we have in the house.

6. The party entered the hall at eight o'clock.

7. The last rays of light were fading from the tops of the distant hills.

8. She filled her shoes with fern-seed,

This foolish little Nell, And in the summer sunshine Went dancing down the dell.

9. To doze, to sleep, to dream, to wake, to play, to plan, and to do, make up the sum of life.

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