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Participles, Kinds And Uses

Point out the participles in the following sentences, and tell whether they are present, past, or perfect participles, and name the words which they modify:

1. I saw James writing with a gold pen.

2. We heard the children coming home from school.

3. John found a small apple tree growing by the roadside.

4. Mary does not like leaving home.

5. We found the ladies dressing for a party.

6. I heard you speaking of your friend.

7. I read a story of a hero, written long ago.

8. He showed me a rough diamond brought from Brazil.

9. They saw Theodore entering the woods just before dark.

10. Trees covered with blossoms filled the air with their odors.

11. While running across the field, Mary fell over a stone and broke her arm.

12. We found blackberries in profusion, growing on very high bushes.

13. While at Mt Vernon I saw a letter written by Washington.

14. He had evidently left his office in a great hurry, for we found his papers scattered over his desk, and his safe unlocked.

15. The children, picking berries in the field, found a hornets' nest built in an old straw hat.

16. Having made preparations for our fishing trip, we retired early, hoping to start for the brook at three o'clock in the morning.

17. Seeming to be asleep, the fox watched his chance, and soon ran across the field, carrying the goose in his mouth.

18. I found a bird's nest built in a bush near the door of the old ice-house.

19. Returning from school, John lost his report, having dropped it in the river as he was leaning over the rail of the bridge.

20. Promoted for his bravery, he became captain.

21. The enemy, routed at all points, gave up the contest.

22. She sent me a letter written from the seashore.

23. I bought a picture painted by Reubens.

24. The mountain seen from the city was covered with mist.

25. The telegram sent me from Mount Desert was never received.

26. Anything brought from the war interests us.

27. The houses have roofs shaped like domes.

28. A bell repeated several times announces a fire drill.

29. We saw a company of veterans scarred in many a battle.

30. Bees laden with honey were hastening to their hives.

31. Having returned from her journey, Mary entered school.

32. Having deceived his friends, he was no longer trusted.

33. Mr. Brown, having bought a farm, moved into the country.

34. Having lighted a lamp, they searched for the lost key.

35. Having enlisted in the army, the men must be ready for active service.

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