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Parsing The Adverb

Let us parse the adverbs in the following sentence:

The governor came to the meeting to-day and spoke remarkably well.

To-day is an adverb of time, and modifies the meaning of came by telling us when the action took place.

Remarkably is an adverb of degree, and modifies the meaning of well, by indicating a high degree of the quality expressed by well.

Well is an adverb of manner, in the positive degree of comparison, - well, better, best, - and modifies the meaning of spoke by showing us the manner of speaking.

To parse an adverb tell:

1. To what class of adverbs it belongs.

2. Its degree of comparison, and how compared (if it admits of comparison).

3. The word whose meaning it modifies.

4. How it modifies the meaning.

Parse the adverbs in the following sentences:

1. The troops marched rapidly.

2. He is much wiser than he was formerly.

3. The seed grew up where it fell.

4. The more you study, the wiser you grow.

5. Whither I go ye cannot come.

6. Always speak the truth.

7. You have done well hitherto; do the same hereafter.

8. I will certainly support you always.

9. It will probably rain to-morrow.

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