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Parsing Nouns

Let us see how the nouns in the following sentence are used, and thus learn to parse them.

John's brother is a boy of intelligence.

John's is a proper noun, third person, singular number, masculine gender, possessive case, and modifies brother.

Brother is a common noun, concrete, third person, singular number, masculine gender, nominative case, and the subject of is.

Boy is a common noun, concrete, third person, singular number, masculine gender, and predicate nominative after is.

Intelligence is a common noun, abstract, third person, singular number, neuter gender, objective case, and the object of the preposition of

To parse a noun tell: |

1. Its class, - common or proper.

2. If common, whether concrete, collective, or abstract.

3. Its person, gender, number and case.

4. Its relation to other words in the sentence, whether it is a. The subject of a verb.

b. The predicate nominative after a verb.

c. The nominative by address.

d. The nominative absolute.

e. The object of a verb.

f. The object of a preposition. g. A possessive, and what noun it mqdifies. h. In apposition, in what case, and what noun it explains.

Tell the case of each of the following nouns and pronouns:

1. The flower wastes its sweetness on the desert air.

2. Full many a gem of purest ray serene, The deep unfathomed caves of ocean bear.

3. I wonder what the clover thinks. Innocent friend of bobolinks.

4. The unwearied sun from day to day

Does his Creator's power display, And publishes to every land

The works of an Almighty hand.

5. A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!

6. Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul.

7. The people having withdrawn, they closed the church.

8. Can you number the stars in their courses?

Write two sentences with nouns in the nominative case by direct address, two with nouns in the nominative case absolute, two with nouns in apposition, two with nouns or pronouns in the possessive case, and two with nouns or pronouns in the objective case.

Analyze the following sentences and parse the nouns:

1. Give the man a draught from the cool spring.

2. There was one clear, shining star, that used to come out into the sky before the rest.

3. In every grove warbles the voice of love and pleasure.

4. We watched the sun as it sank behind the clouds in the western sky.

5. The committee were not unanimous.

6. Green fields and forests were before us.

7. How many years have you lived in Cambridge?

8. Boys, will you assist me in decorating the schoolroom for Washington's birthday?

9. These as they roll, Almighty Father, these Are but the signals of thy mighty power.

10. The sun sinking behind the western hills, All nature sinks to rest.

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