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Number Of Adjectives

We say a good man, good men, a large horse, large horses.

Adjectives of quality in English do not have forms to express number; the same forms of the adjective being used whether the noun is singular or plural.

Adjectives of quantity or position may express number by their forms, as one man, many men; this man, these men; each man, several men; neither man, the first man, the tenth man, few men.

When there is an idea of number expressed by the adjective it agrees with the noun in number.

The following adjectives are singular: one, each, every, either, neither, this, that, much, all, meaning the whole, second, third, and all the ordinal numerals.

The following adjectives are plural: these, those, few, several, many, divers, sundry, all, meaning number, three, four, five, and all the cardinal numerals above one.

One horse, two horses; every horse, several horses, this house, these houses, that dog, those dogs.

Adjectives of number must agree in this respect with the nouns or pronouns whose meaning they limit.

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