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Study the following words. Think of the object or quality for which each word stands : Boy, man, girl, woman, father, mother, dog, cat, hen, duck, goose, robin, swallow, horse, colt, cow, calf, tree, bush, grass, flower, stone, iron, lead, gold, silver, love, patience, truth.

These words are the names of things or of qualities about which we can think. Such words are called nouns

A noun is a word used as a name.

A noun is a part of speech.

Point out the nouns in each of the following sentences:

1. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

2. The love of money is the root of all evil. 8. Gold and silver are precious metals.

4. Tall oaks from little acorns grow.

5. Daniel Webster was distinguished as an orator.

To The Teacher

Illustrations for further drill may be found on page 208 and the pages following.

Make a list of the names of all the animals you can recall; another list of the names of vegetables used for food. Write five sentences about animals, and five about vegetables, using names from the lists you have just made, and underline the nouns in each sentence.

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