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Intransitive Verbs

1. The Child Sleeps. 2. The Wind Blows. 3. The Sun Shines

In these sentences, the states or actions denoted by the verbs sleeps, blows, and shines are represented as remaining with the subjects, child, wind, and sun, and not as passing over to an object. Such verbs do not require an object to complete the sense. They are called intransitive verbs.

An intransitive verb is a verb that does not require an object to complete the sense.

1. The cat purrs.

2. The canary sings sweetly.

3. The horse runs.

4. The children laughed heartily.

5. The steamer sails at noon.

Name the intransitive verbs in the above sentences. Write five other sentences containing intransitive verbs.

There is nothing in the forms of verbs to indicate whether they are transitive or intransitive. It is the meaning of a verb which alone determines whether it is transitive or intransitive.

Some verbs are used both as transitive and intransitive.

The following sentences illustrate this double use of the verb.

1. The bird flies. 2. The boy flies his kite.

Give other sentences to illustrate this double use of verbs.

In the sentence, The bird flies, the sense is complete. Flies in this connection is a verb of complete predication. The same is true of the following:

1. Fishes swim.

2. Dogs bark.

3. Horses run.

4. Children play.

Give other illustrations of sentences containing verbs of complete predication.

Most intransitive verbs are verbs of complete predication.

1. It is I.

2. That is my brother.

3. Lead is heavy.

4. He is of nolle birth.

5. It seems that he is a Frenchman.

In these sentences the intransitive verb is requires other words to complete the predication.

Write five other sentences similar to those just given.

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