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Indirect Objects

Nouns or pronouns used as indirect objects.

1. He will give you a fair trial.

2. Send me your report at once.

3. Helen's father bought her a new book.

4. The general told us a very interesting story.

5. John sold Henry his new kite.

6. Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard, to get her poor dog a bone.

7. Annie's mother gave her a new croquet set for a birthday present.

8. They plan to teach the children beautiful poems in all the schools.

9. The children brought their teacher some fresh flowers from the fields.

10. Walter's father bought him a new catboat

11. Mrs. Moore gave Edith's friends a lawn party last week.

12. The fisherman brought us fresh fish twice a week.

13. The trapper told the boys a very interesting bear story.

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