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Clauses, Kinds And Uses Exercises

Point out the clauses in the following sentences, and tell what word is modified by each clause. How do these clauses differ from those in Section CXXIV.?

1. The book was where I left it.

2. The kite lies where it fell.

3. The boy ate the cake while he waited.

4. You can have the book when we meet again.

5. His heart was so full that he could not speak.

6. It cannot sing, for its voice is harsh.

7. Her eyes brightened as she saw the oranges.

8. Place the glass so that the light shines on it.

9. The child was afraid when they went through the tunnel.

10. Tell the boys to stay till I come.

11. Wherever you go you will be recognized.

12. Henry will fail, because he does not study.

13. The duck went where it could swim.

14. The man writes so that we cannot read it.

15. He was so tired that he could hardly stand.

16. Go where glory waits thee.

17. Uncle George met them when he was in London.

18. He raised the flag that some one might see it.

19. His honesty is not so loose or easy,

That a ruffling wind could blow it away.

20. If you plague the dog, he will bite you.

21. When we go to grandmother's we are guests.

22. The blackbird has fled

Where the hazels afford him a shade.

Where the woods fence off the northern blast,

The season smiles.

28. O, had I the wings of a dove,

How soon would I taste you again.

24. Careless their merits or their faults to scan, His pity gave e'er charity began.

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