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Clauses, How Used

Point out the clauses in the following sentences, and tell whether they are used as nouns, as adjectives, or as adverbs:

1. We heard the wind that round the gables roared.

2. A score of years had come and gone

Since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth stone.

3. I will not do this unless you will help me.

4. What you said to me decided me to continue.

5. I found that my tent had been blown down.

6. The story is that he fled to escape punishment.

7. If a sinner repents, treat him kindly.

8. I doubt whether he can finish the work.

9. He taught us to feel sympathy for those who are suffering.

10. Mary has a rose which grew in her garden.

11. The wonder is that one head can contain so much.

12. Do not tell him where the boys are hidden.

13. If you speak gently you will sooner gain your end.

14. Those books that lie on the table must be carried to the library to-morrow.

15. As they approached the top of the hill they saw the Indians approaching.

16. A gun was fired over the grave where the hero was buried.

17. The thought that he might be killed alarmed his friends.

18. He who speaks distinctly will be easily understood.

19. We learned that these Indians had never before seen a white man.

20. They had provisions which were brought down the river in canoes.

21. John Smith was the man who saved the Jamestown colonists from starvation.

22. His parents died when he was quite young.

23. When the storm arose they were several miles off shore in a small catboat.

24. No one suspected that he was an enemy.

25. It was the largest audience I ever saw.

26. Before reinforcements could be sent the battle was lost.

27. If you are willing I will accept the offer.

28. When his money was gone his friends left him.

29. We were all sorry that you did not come.

30. As he is quite young he prefers to go to school.

31. The regiment of cavalry which had been sent for was now seen rapidly approaching.

32. While the sun was rising the brothers started for the field together.

33. I asked where the boy lived.

34. His father left him considerable money which he soon spent.

35. Columbus became a sailor when he was fourteen years old.

36. They landed upon an island which they called San Salvador.

37. Before Columbus made his voyage the people of Europe knew nothing of America.

38. I was afraid that they might not return.

39. If you wish to be strong and brave, resist temptation.

40. The fault of all governments is that they meddle too much with private affairs.

41. He who has light in his soul will enjoy bright days.

42. Education while it improves the mind makes its possessor happier.

43. He was a man who never shirked his duty.

44. I never wished that it might be otherwise.

45. We were so tired that we could not sleep.

46. If spring produced no blossoms, autumn would have no fruits.

47. When you fail to do your full duty, never charge your lack of success to chance or fate.

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