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Clauses, How Used Exercises

Tell how each clause in the following sentences is used:

1. Who said it is unknown?

2. That the story is true was evident.

3. That all were lost was soon reported.

4. That you may be happy is our earnest wish.

5. That one must not speak aloud is the rule of the school.

6. Where the ball is cannot be discovered.

7. The idea that he could not do it was ridiculous.

8. We knew that they had left.

9. Tell the gentleman what you have done.

10. They saw immediately that the boy was helpless.

11. That the rope broke was now apparent.

12. The brakeman told us what he knew of the accident.

13. That the children are safe is now assured.

14. George knows that his father has come.

15. That you were with them is quite certain.

16. I cannot now decide what to do for them.

17. That you should stay is the wish of all.

18. Many learn by sad experience that the way of the transgressor is hard.

19. That they would come was well known.

20. You will see that the case does not fail.

21. That the box was empty on its arrival was his opinion.

22. That its rhymes are alternate throughout is evidence of its author.

23. Then would my spirit fear

To say I so have loved.

24. Where you have hid the jewels will be discovered soon.

25. The whole nation learned with dismay that the Emperor had surrendered.

26. What we can do in the circumstances is now the important question.

27. The shepherd modestly replied,

"I ne'er the paths of learning tried."

28. That he should refuse your first offer is natural.

29. That the sagacious animal was sensible of the insult was soon discovered.

30. That he has succeeded thus far inspires us with hope.

31. So little we guess that a light, light word, At times may be more than praying.

32. Tell me what brings you to Rome at such perilous times.

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