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Clauses, Adjective And Adverbial

Select the adjective and the adverbial clauses in these sentences, and tell what each clause modifies:

1. Look into the garden where the grass is green.

2. Weary and long is the way which she has taken.

3. The battle which raged all day ceased with the evening.

4. While my brothers slumber sweetly, I have climbed the window seat.

5. The royal prerogative for which he long had suffered was sacred in his eyes.

6. Breathes there a man with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said,

"This is my own, my native land!"

7. But the scene amidst which we stand does not permit us to confine our thoughts or our sympathies to those fearless spirits who hazarded or lost their lives on this consecrated spot.

8. I must confess the brightness of the weather, the cheerfulness of everything around me, the chiding of the hounds, which was returned upon us in a double echo from two neighboring hills, with the hollowing of the sportsmen, and the sounding of the horn, lifted my spirits into a most lively pleasure, which I freely indulged because I was sure it was innocent.

9. There is a little village on the north coast of Scotland where all the men are fishermen. When they come home with their loads of fish, the women go down to the beach to meet the boats, and then carry the baskets filled with fish to the carts which are waiting higher up on the shore.

10. And that night, when the poor old woman knelt down in her humble home, the prayer that she said was, "God be kind to that noble boy, and bless him in every time of need."

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