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Adverbs, And The Words They Modify

Point out the adverbs in the following sentences, and indicate the words which they modify:

1. He answered readily.

2. The train starts now.

3. John saw him yesterday.

4. She wrote very well.

5. Presently the door opened.

6. You cannot fail to-day.

7. She is hardly awake.

8. Gently the breezes sigh.

9. He bore it most patiently.

10. The heroes toiled manfully.

11. Sometimes upon the rocks they leaned.

12. Let us turn hitherward our bark.

13. The flower that smiles to-day to-morrow dies.

14. He awoke suddenly from a sound sleep.

15. They picked their way carefully through the thick undergrowth.

16. Softly she approached the sleeping child.

17. Slowly and sadly we laid him down.

18. His hands were uncommonly large.

19. The winter had been unusually severe.

20. As the night was intensely cold the driver had suffered severely.

21. The storm ceased almost as suddenly as it had begun, yet the waves still dashed furiously against the vessel.

22. They were completely caught, and so gave the required information.

23. This time he longed for the next crash, which happily never came off.

24. Hardy was now wanted to explain how it came about.

25. Suddenly roused by the glare of light, the terrified birds fluttered helplessly among the branches, and many fell before we began to use the sticks.

26. The literature of the world is in a very deep sense the direct and most beautiful outcome of its life.

27. Extracts from Shakespeare once thoroughly committed to memory are never forgotten.

28. Flowers will bloom over and over again in poems as in the summer fields, to the end of time, always old and always new.

29. Suddenly with rushing wings they rose high in the air and were quickly out of sight.

30. It will be remembered that Henry VII. had wisely kept out of war whenever it was possible.

31. Other structures may fitly testify our veneration for him; this, this alone, can adequately illustrate his services to mankind.

32. Solemnly, mournfully,

Dealing its dole, The Curfew Bell Is beginning to toll.

33. It was only a tiny seed,

Carelessly brushed aside; But it grew in time to a noxious weed, And spread its poison wide.

34, Suddenly all the sky is hid

As with the shutting of a lid.

35. One by one the great drops are falling,

Doubtful and slow; Down the pane they are crookedly crawling, And the wind breathes low.

36. Thus far the woeful tale was heard, When something in the thicket stirred. Give me thy carabine, - I'll show

An art that thou wilt gladly know, How thou may'st safely quell a foe.

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