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1. Little children like sweet fruit. 2. They are beautiful.

In these sentences the words little and sweet are used to tell the kinds of children said fruit mentioned. Beautiful is used to describe they.

1. Mr. Smith has four horses. 2. Those books belong to me.

In these sentences the word four tells how many horses Mr. Smith has; the word those points out particular books.

It is seen that these words, little, sweet, beautiful, four and those are used to qualify or limit the meaning of the nouns children, fruit, they, horses and books.

Words that qualify or limit the meaning of nouns and pronouns are called adjectives.

An adjective is a word used to qualify or limit the meaning of a noun or pronoun.

An adjective is a part of speech.

Adjectives are said to modify the meaning of the nouns and pronouns whose meanings they qualify or limit.

A modifier is a word or a group of words used to make the meaning of another word more clear or definite.

Point out the adjectives in each of the following sentences and tell the nouns which they modify:

1. Tall oaks from little acorns grow.

2. Beautiful hands are those that do Work that is earnest, brave, and true, Moment by moment the long day through.

3. All the pupils in the class were industrious.

4. The ripe grapes were sweet and delicious.

5. William is the fifth boy in the line.

6. I saw four men riding in an old wagon.

7. The first book on the top shelf is the new language book.

8. All through the long bright days of June Its leaves grew green and fair.

Point out the adjectives in the first poem in your readers.

Write five sentences using several adjectives in each.

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