Learn English with Kaplan Aspect

Section 1: Grammar Test

1. I _____ in London.
a) are
b) was
c) can
d) where
e) do
2. What time _____ the lesson start?
a) doing
b) are
c) does
d) do
e) is
3. Mount Everest is _____ than Mont Blanc.
a) highest
b) the highest
c) the higher
d) more high
e) higher
4. I think you have made _____ right choice.
a) the
b) many
c) a
d) some
e) this
5. Can you _____ how to get to the airport please?
a) explain
b) speak
c) tell
d) say
e) know
6. I can't see him anywhere. Where _____________?
a) was he
b) is
c) did he go
d) he goes
e) he went
7. While I ____________ my homework I heard a strange noise.
a) am making
b) did
c) was making
d) made
e) was doing
8. On Monday I ____________ a letter from Wolfgang.
a) have received
b) get
c) received
d) was written
e) have got
9. What _____________ ? Playing computer games, reading. That sort of thing.
a) does he like doing
b) he likes to do
c) he likes
d) is he like
e) would he like
10. English ____________ in Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as America and Britain.
a) is spoken
b) is speaking
c) speaking
d) was spoken
e) speaks
11. This weekend I ____________ a wedding.
a) am going to
b) going to
c) will go to
d) go
e) will go
12. Next weekend we ____________ a party.
a) will make
b) are going
c) are having
d) are making
e) will go
13. I'm tired. I just want ____________ bed.
a) go to the
b) to go to the
c) go to
d) going to
e) to go to
14. Michael ____________ shopping.
a) loves going
b) enjoys going for
c) likes going to
d) wants to
e) like to go
15. Look. I'd give you her phone number if I ____________ it.
a) have had
b) had
c) am having
d) have
e) was having
16. When she got to hospital they found that she ____________ her leg.
a) broke
b) was broke
c) had been broken
d) had broken
e) has broken
17. You come from France,_____________
a) weren't you
b) don't you
c) haven't you
d) aren't you
e) didn't you
18. I'd like to know where_____________
a) is the school
b) I find the school
c) the school is
d) are the school
e) the school are
19. Thank you for flying Budget Air. We hope you had a pleasant ____________
a) travel
b) flying
c) excursion
d) journey
e) voyage
20. Last year my sister won a singing ____________
a) game
b) match
c) examination
d) test
e) contest
21. My Father ____________ to apply to study English at university.
a) want
b) is thinking
c) made me
d) likes
e) has decided
22. My Mother said that I ____________ her necklace, but I borrowed my sister's instead.
a) used
b) could wear
c) can wear
d) could ware
e) can take
23. The police asked me ____________ anything?
a) if I had been seeing
b) if I had seen
c) I was seeing
d) if I have seen
e) I saw
24. I ____________ to eating English food.
a) like
b) am not used
c) used
d) would like,
e) didn't use;
25. The streets were wet when I left the house in the morning so I knew that it ____________ during the night.
a) was raining
b) has been reading
c) had been raining
d) had rain
e) read
26. He would have passed the exam if ____________ so lazy.
a) he'd been
b) he wouldn't have been
c) he hadn't been
d) he had been
e) he'd have been
27. There's a wonderful smell in the kitchen. Somebody must ____________ food for my birthday party.
a) had prepared
b) had been preparing
c) have prepared
d) be preparing
e) have been prepared
28. I wish that I ____________ all those sweets before dinner. I don't feel hungry now.
a) couldn't eat
b) haven't eaten
c) would not eat
d) didn't eat
e) hadn't eaten
29. ____________ rain, the Queen's garden party will be held inside Buckingham Palace.
a) If it
b) In the event of
c) In the case of
d) In place of
e) In time of
30. The General made ____________ of the regiment.
a) an observation
b) an inspection
c) an investigation
d) an examination
e) a check-up