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Your future is worth it.         Sample Listening Questions
Your future is worth it.

With more than 7,500 questions, Trainer has the largest collection of TOEFL questions on the Internet.

See how well you do with these sample listening questions.

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(A) She will try to go to Mexico.
(B) The man should practice speaking Spanish to her.
(C) She is tired from her trip.
(D) Her Spanish is not very good.

(A) He is not sure what the weather will be like.
(B) The weather reports are not accurate.
(C) He has to work in the afternoon.
(D) It will become sunny later.

(A) They were attentive during the recital.
(B) They applauded loudly.
(C) They presented Emily with a bouquet of flowers.
(D) They helped her prepare for the recital.

(A) He lives alone now.
(B) He owns a house now.
(C) He doesn’t want any roommates.
(D) He hopes to own his own home soon.

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