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"I think that the TOEFL test Trainer that you have at TestDEN was fundamental for my high score on the test. I got an impressive 113 thanks to all the extensive training I did at your page. Thank you very much!"
- Fabio, Brazil
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Helping students since 1997.

Satisfied Customer Feedback:

"I would like to thank the splendid TESTDEN course, without which I could not have achieved a total score of 92 on the TOEFL, and 27 in reading. I would recommend TESTDEN for anyone who needs to raise their English to a higher level. The TESTDEN course gave me the opportunity to become familiarized with TOEFL Ibt interface, times, and scores, which resulted in less pressure on the day I took the TOEFL test. And, as I was more relaxed my english have flowed naturally, which directly affected my result. Now, I am very confident that I will be accepted for my PhD at Canada. "
- Marcelo, Brazil

"When I was starting my preparation for the TOEFL test, I was aware that my skills in English would not improve without continuous practice of speaking, listening, and writing. I have no doubt that TestDEN sharpened those skills and pinpointed the areas that I had to improve to raise my TOEFL score."
- Carlos, United States

"I can state categorically that TestDEN has a valuable and effective method of increasing a student's performance on the TOEFL test."
- Chris Surridge, Republic of Korea

"Dear TestDEN Team, thank you very much for the test. I have really taken benefit from it. I appreciate it. "
- Dler, Iraq

"I got the same score on the real TOEFL test as in your post-test. Would you like to know if your program is helpful? Yes it is! I'm really amazed how you worked it out."
- Doreen, United States

"Thank you for your TestDEN TOEFL course. It improved my language skills. I recommend this program for anyone who wants to take the TOEFL test."
- Dora, United States

"I think the site Testden is very good and the tests and exercices are very useful. I hope I will succeed the Toefl exam in few months. Testden will be my help to do that."
- Nicole, Switzerland

"I think TestDEN Trainer is a great Web site for self-education. The best thing is that you can have a lot of practice at any time."
- Hsieh, United States

"I would highly recommend TestDEN to any student wanting to take the TOEFL test."
- Kenneth Beare

"I passed the TOEFL test. If I didn't have TestDEN's help, I might have failed. Thank you."
- D.S. Kim, United States

"Thnk you so much 4 such a helpful website......"
- Nasim, India

TestDEN TOEFL Test Prep 価値ある未来へ!

ACT360 Media Ltd.は、TestDENを開発し、その所有権を持っています。私たちはカナダのバンクーバーにある教育ソフト開発会社で、1998年から英語学習者が、英語をもっと効果的に習得し、それぞれの教育的目標を達成出来るようにという手助けをしています。ACT360についての詳しい情報は、当社ホームページwww.act360.comをご覧下さい。



ACT360 MediaとTestDENのビジネス実績を教えて下さい。
ACT360 Mediaはこの業界の先駆者として、1995年にDigital Education Networkを立ち上げました。ACT360 Mediaはまた、マイクロソフト、カプラン、イングリッシュタウンや、ニューオリエンタルと協力し、オンライン教育アプリケーションを開発しています。

初めてのオンラインによるテスト対策教材は1997年2月に始まりました。TestDEN Trainerは、インターネット上で個人指導が受けられる最初で、かつ唯一のTOEFL対策プログラムでした。それ以来、TestDENは60カ国以上で、TOEFL や TOEIC テストの受験準備をしている何万人もの英語学習者の手助けをしています。



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