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English Slang Pronunciation Guide

Welcome to TestDEN's pronunciation guide for English slang. The English Slang Pronunciation Guide is written for intermediate and advanced learners of English. If you have already passed your TOEFL test or achieved a TOEIC score of 680, then this slang resource is for you. When you are done with English grammar and formal public speaking, it's time to have some fun. Learn how Americans really speak at home, at the office, and at the shopping mall.

What is slang? Slanguage. Slangisms. Colorful language. Figures of speech. Colloquialisms. Idioms. Informal language. Non-standard speech. Lingo. Jargon. All these terms refer to slang. It isn't swearing or all bad language. Some slang is, but not all. It's basically using words to mean something else. Why do we love to use slang so much? Because it's a way to have fun, to be funny, or to be insulting to others.

Slang is a way for a group of people to talk in a way that only they can understand. Slang is meant to be used in casual conversation.

In this series of funny lessons, we show you how to use and pronounce English slang. Each lesson contains a definition, a video showing how the slang word is used, and the video transcript so you can follow what the teachers are saying. Meet our featured instructors C Smooth and T Pow in the video below.

The best way to learn to pronounce English slang is to hang out with Americans. You may not understand everything they talk about, but you will learn quickly. If you can't find any Americans where you live, then watch American television shows and movies. Popular culture is a major source of many slang words and expressions.

To make things even more confusing, slang changes all the time. What a word or phrase means currently will change or can stop being used entirely. Why? That's just human nature and how society changes. You will get a headache trying to keep up. That's why even English speakers need dictionaries for slang.

We don't pretend to be a complete slang dictionary. Our goal for you is more modest. Learn some new expressions. Shock your friends by talking and acting like a badass. Most of all, have some fun!

Bad ass
Kick ass
Muffin top
Ball breaker
Ego surfing
Blonde moment

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