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This GRE test simulation is offered by TestDEN.com to help you prepare for graduate school in the USA and Canada. Since 1997, TestDEN.com has helped tens of thousands of students achieve their educational goals.

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iPod Winner's Circle

Shreya from India
I'm an undergrad studying Statistics and Mathematics. I'll use the iPod when I'm studying because I love listening to music while I'm doing Math. It'll also come in handy when I'm working out. I'm pretty excited about taking the GRE. It's challenging, but online resources and courses makes the learning fun! I'm so exited about this. Thank you so much!

Enrique from Mexico
Thank you! I cannot remember the last time I won something! I am currently applying for a job in the healthcare sector. I will use the iPod Shuffle to listen to music at the gym. I expected a higher score but that is what this test is all about. It separates good from excellent. Next time, I'll ace it.

Edoardo from Italy
I work in the shipping industry and I will use my Ipod while running and while walking towards my workplace, listening to some english and spanish podcasts. I am planning to get my GRE test next summer, and I am pretty confident I could get a good result, especially in the verbal part. Thanks again!

Carlos from Mexico
I am an undergraduate physics student, and will use my iPod for listen music while stuying, and at the gym. I am preparing to take the GRE test soon and I feel very excited because it could bring the oportunity to study a PhD outside my country, so I could develop further my abilities and my knowledge.

Guido from Italy
I can't believe I've won something! I am doing a Masters in Diplomacy and International Studies and doing an internship at OCSE. I would use my iPod to listen to my favorite music. I haven't had a music device for ages now, I've been using my phone for that. But having a device only for music would great. How I feel about GRE? Very anxious! Coming from Italy and having studied in the UK, I'm not used to this kinds of test. By that I mean that the European system tends to insist on depth and reasoning. The GRE is also about that, but focuses much more on endurance and promptness. I will do mine at the beginning of August this year, because I want to apply for some Grad schools for Economics. I will train and study a lot during the summer. Thanks a lot!

Autumn from USA
I am a social science researcher at Stanford University. I will probably use my iPod Shuffle to listen to music while I work out. I'm a bit nervous studying for the GRE because it has been a long time since I participated in standardized testing. However, I'm excited to work hard and to hopefully do well on the test. I've been really grateful for websites that provide study help and guidance. Thank you TestDen!

Tom from the Netherlands
Thank you very much, this is one of these things you never really expect to win! I like to listen to music while I exercise or run, so finding a purpose for the iPod Shuffle will be no problem! I am currently working in a post-master program at a university. As it is a very culturally diverse environment, I looked into the GRE test as a means to assess and improve my level of English. By providing examples and exercises, TestDEN was of great help!

Anna from USA
I am very excited to have won the iPod shuffle! I love working with people and plan on switching my career to be a family therapist in the next 5 years. Of course, I am studying for the GRE to get into a graduate school for my Psychology degree. I am a bit nervous about the GRE test. English is not my native language and I have to put in extra effort on the verbal portions. I plan on doing extra reading of fiction and non-fiction works to increase my vocabulary and comfort level. Thank you very much for the resources your provide.

Rafael from Brazil
I'm a screenwriter and college teacher. I will listen to a lot of anglophone music to improve my listening abilities. I feel confident and prepared to take GRE as it shall open the doors of a PhD abroad for me. Thanks.

Maria from Italy
I'm currently studying at Universita degli Studi di Padova here in Italy, and I'm hoping to get into a Master program abroad! I can't wait to fill my iPod with my favorite artists' songs and add a soundtrack to my life wherever I go! Since I want to pursue a Master abroad, I'm studying to get my GRE test. I feel it's an exam that requires a lot of preparation. That's why I think websites like TestDEN are the best to get ready for the test!

Aylua from USA
I work with small children but I plan on returning to school to get my masters. I will put my music on my ipod shuffle and listen to it when I study. Taking the GRE and doing well on it will open many doors for me. The test is necessary to enroll in most graduate programs specifically the one I'm looking into. I really hope that I do well!

Hassen from Germany
I am a graduate student. I will use the Ipod to listen to music while studying and in the gym. The test was challenging and I am excited that I did well! I will keep practicing before taking the official GRE test next year. Thanks!

Robert from USA
I am a student. I will use the iPod to listen to podcasts and music while I'm studying for the GRE! I think the GRE test is not really necessary. Work experience and your academic record are more important than a test that makes you solve for sides of a triangle.

Francesco from Italy
I studied mathematics and now I am searching for a PhD or a job in the industry, mabe as data analyst. I will probably use the iPod to listen to music while I jog. For the GRE, most of the time I knew what I needed to do, I just wasn't used to doing it. Thank you!

Elizabeth from USA
I am a freelance writer. I will use my iPod shuffle to listen to music while studying and exercising at home or school. I was nervous about the GRE, but TestDen helped me a lot. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I felt ready and confident on test day. Thank you!

Felicia from USA
I am a dishwasher at a restaurant and I will use the iPod Shuffle to listen to while I'm washing dishes at my job. I would like to take the GRE at some point and think the TestDEN practice tests I have taken will help me.

Natalia from Germany
I'm finishing my MA in Philosophy and I plan to take up a PhD in the same field. I'll use the iPod to listen to music when I commute and before going to bed. I haven't practiced much for the GRE yet, but I'm looking forward to taking it soon. The TestDEN test was great to help me familiarize myself with it.

Zack from USA
I am an analyst and do consulting. I will listen to the ipod while I exercise and study for the GRE. The GRE is an intimidating test and I'm not an awesome standardized test-taker. That said, each day of studying provides me with a better understanding of the questions and more confidence regarding the test. Services such as TestDen are immensely helpful in my endeavor to perform well on the GRE. Thanks.

Cyril from France
I am a management consultant, and the ipod will be incredibly handy to listen to podcasts on my way to work or at the gym! I feel confident about the GMAT test, and I do feel like the Testden online practice helped me getting better answers more rapidly. Thanks!

Pathik from India
I am a final year pharmacy student, in Mumbai. I would use my iPod for listening to my favorite music while commuting in the local trains. I liked the Testden gre test a lot, it helped me work on my verbal section. I scored 320 in my GRE.

Will from United Kingdom
I am a student, and I plan to listen to the iPod during the many long hours of studying I have ahead of me! I'm slightly nervous about the GRE test, but also excited about the doors it could open for me. I'll be pushing for the best score I could possibly hope to get! Thanks for the free revision resources, very helpful.

Morgan from South Africa
Thanks for the awesome news. I just recently completed my MSc in Biochemistry and will be moving across to the US in September to take up a PhD. I am a keen exercise enthusiast and so will use my Ipod to keep me amped up in the gym and on long runs. The GRE test was overwhelming at first but after some good practice you get use to the type of questions and how you should be answering them. Thanks for the FREE practice tests TestDen. Practice makes perfect applies for the GRE completely.

Covington from USA
I am a web content manager and going back to school to be a Mental Health Counselor. I plan on using my ipod a lot! I love music and I love being able to infuse otherwise boring moments (cleaning, working out, etc) with some happy notes! The GRE can be a difficult challenge without preparation. My initial meeting with the GRE left me feeling really depressed. I didn't do as well as I had hoped in any part of the test. For the next meeting, I will be prepared from new tricks I learned from TestDen.com and lots of practice! Thank you again!

Rohan from United Arab Emirates
I am an engineering graduate from India and am currently working in Dubai where I grew up. The ipod shuffle would be great to use while travelling and while working out. The TestDen test was my first step in preparation for the GRE and I found it a useful tool to assess the basic structure of the exam. I beIieve that the GRE is a great standard exam to select students irrespective of their specific knowledge and as such is a fair syatem.

Ian from Spain
I am a builder. I will use the iPod shuffle when training. I feel great about the test. It was very challenging, but it feels great to have achieved a good result. Big thanks to the testDEN team for such an excellent service.

Ayush from United Arab Emirates
I am still studying right now. I'm in my final year of engineering school, and studying at BITS Pilani Dubai. I'll be using the iPod Shuffle while I study and when I'm in the gym. The GRE test is an excellent example of a general test which allows students to apply for masters in their respective fields on interest despite having complete their bachelors in different courses. It isn't prejudiced for or against particular bachelor degrees and thus provides and equal and common testing ground for students.

Nenkai from Kenya
I teach part time at a local University, while undertaking a PhD in Communication. I am also a music composer, learning how to do music editing and production. I shall gladly use the iPod for my studies. Concerning the test, it was quite a challenge. I really did think I had performed better than I actually did. Next time I will strive to read and write faster.

Dunja from Croatia
I am an English teacher at an elementary school. I walk to and from work every day - it is a 25 minutes walk in each direction, so it would be great to listen to music while I walk. The GRE wasn't too difficult but it was very stimulating. Some questions were rather tricky. I liked testing both my English and my ability to think logically.

Aisha from Nigeria
I am a tax administrator for my state. First of all I'm going to pack the iPod full of songs and listen to it all day long! The GRE is quite a useful tool in applying to colleges and universities in the USA. Its a way of leveling the academic playing field for all applicants. it will help international student in their school application as not all international universities are recognized and so the GRE will show their abilities for a proper evaluation. I have never won anything before and I'm so excited. Thank you!

Rohit from India
I am a Physics student at IIT Kharagpur. I would probably use the iPod to listen to a few songs during journeys. The GRE gives you a fair judgement of your basic quantitative and verbal abilities and is absolutely essential to pursue higher studies in top universities. Timed practice tests like the one offered by TestDEN would help. Thanks for the iPod and best of luck to all appearing for GRE.

Andres from Dubai
I am a business consultant. I will give the iPod shuffle to my daughter. Passing the gre is necessary for the phd program i am applying to. Thanks.

Angeles from Argentina
I am a history teacher. I will use my new Ipod shuffle to listen to podcasts. As regards GRE I am a little nervous because although the schools I have consulted do not seek for a specific score because I am international student, I do want to do well. Fortunately, I am doing a course with excellent teachers and fellow students.

Jared from South Africa
I am currently a post graduate student at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS). I would use the ipod to relax before and after lectures and when I travel to and from university. I am quite nervous about the GRE test, as I have not taken such a test before. I am confident, however, that my grounding from WITS and my High-School will stand me in good stead. I do believe that the preparation for the test will require the use of facilities such as TestDEN and would form a major part of the learning process.


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