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The IELTS Practice exam takes 21 minutes and containes IELTS reading questions to help you practice for the IELTS exam. Get a high IELTS score and win an iPod!

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Tarun prem sai Singana 71
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Amol Kumbhare 64
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Contest Rules:

  • 1. Every month, TestDEN will randomly select a winner who will receive a free online English course (value US$129).
  • 2. To select the monthly iPod winner, TestDEN will choose from the top 10 scores and randomly select a winner. There will be one iPod winner each month.
  • 3. Contest winners will be announced one week after the end of each month.
  • 4. At the end of each month, all user scores will be removed from the score board. Users who have not won may participate in the contest for the next month.
  • 5. iPod winners are not eligible to win future monthly prizes.

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iPod Winner's Circle

Klara in Sweden
At the moment I am a full time student, studying for my MA in Cognitive Semiotics at Lund University. The iPod will be used to zone out during my thesis work, and be my companion during work-outs! I think the IELTS is a great tool for those who want to study and work in an English speaking country, and in studying to prepare for it, one necessarily gets better in their language skills. Great work on your practice tests!

Demetrio in Italy
I will use my iPod Shuffle to listen to the music when I go jogging with my friends or simply at home to relax. I want to pass the IELTS test with a good score in order to try to find a job abroad. I am sure I will reach my objective if I study hard. Thanks.

Anna in USA
I am an international student living in the US. Currently, I am applying for master program and need to take IELTS as one of the exam to get accepted. Ipod shuffle will be very useful for me, as I am better learning as I am listening too. I love listening audio books and lectures. Testden was my first resource to learn about IELTS and test myself. After scoring a 100, I feel more confident in taking an actual test. Yet, I think IELTS is pretty tricky exam, and needs complete focus, especially in listening section. Knowing English is not enough to score high, more importantly is to know how to approach the test.

Thea in Denmark
I am a Filipino student currently on an exchane program at Denmark. However, I am taking higher education by February 2018, which is why I need an academic IELTS. The iPod can definitely be convenient as I travel a lot around Europe and also do a lot of mundane work - it would be nice to have some music to brighten things up! As a whole, I am a bit nervous, but excited for the IELTS exam.

George in Canada
I'm an engineer who wants to improve his English skills to get better job opportunities. With my iPod Shuffle, I'll be listening to English conversations to improve my English skills; I'll use it mainly in my daily commute to work. I feel confident about the IELTS test. TestDEN.com provides good material to practice and get ready for the test. Thank you!

Raluca in Canada
I'm a fresh graduate of Law School, and my favorite past time is going to the gym, so I'll use the ipod to make my workouts more interesting! I'm really excited be taking the IELTS test, I've been preparing for a while, and TestDEN was of great help! I'll be taking the Academic IELTS as I'll be needing it for studies, but all in all I think it's an accurate way of testing your English skills! Thank you so much!

Lukas in Germany
Great! I am starting a masters degree in educational psychology. Will use the iPod to listen to music when working out, especially when running in the forest. After some good preparation (thank you!) I feel good about the test.

Deborah in Russia
I am currently still living with my parents, I finished school last year and I'm going to university in the UK this year, that's why I need to take the IELTS exam. I'm going to use the iPod to listen to music when I'm on the go, and occasionally to listen to podcasts. I think the IELTS exam is a necessary method to prove your English skills in a comparable reference framework that is accepted all over the world. I'm pretty confident in achieving the band score that I want.

Alessandro in Italy
I study Management and Economics in Turin and I'm a kung fu instructor. I will soon do a six-month internship in the US to complete my studies. I will use the iPod Shuffle when I go to university by train and by bus (I have to take both them) and when I go running. I feel quite ready to try the IELTS test but I would like to do some more exercise in order to feel as much self-confident as I can the day of the exam. Thank you in advance for this great prize.

Tayo in Canada
I am presently a Home Manager and I organize the daily routine for my husband and three children. I intend to use the ipod while I carry out house chores and run errands. I feel that the IELTS Test is necessary because English is our universal language and it is important to be conversant with it so as to ensure proper integration into any environment or country. As I intent to work in Canada, I feel the test is essential and the four methods (reading, listening, writing and speaking) used for testing are broad and all encompassing allowing for a proper and more objective assessment of a person's level of proficiency in the use of the language.

Francesca in Italy
I am unemployed currently. With my iPod shuffle I would listen to music when I go running outside. I'm a little bit nervous about my IELTS test. At the same time, I think that it will help me finding my first job. I would really like to have an experience abroad: that's why I will apply for an internship at the european institutions.

Desy in Indonesia
I work for a banking company as an internal audit, i have being an auditor for 6 years and now greatly planning for international study in USA or UK, i must train my self to achieve best score before attending IELTS Formal test. This IPOD Shuffle it will be a great support for getting regular conversation every day. Thanks so much for you all on TestDen.

Katarzyna in Poland
Currently I am a hebrew student but I'm planning to learn illustration in the UK. What could I do with Ipod Shuffle? Listening to music would be the most obvious choice since I have to commute and walk a lot around my city. The IELTS test seems ok enough, I'm happy that it stresses mostly how you can communicate and how good at using the language you are.

Margaret in UK
I am a house mistress at a boys boarding school and will probably give my iPod to my granddaughter. I think the IELTS is necessary as there are so many people wanting to live in Britain today that they do need to be able to communicate effectively. Thanks!

Marilou in Canada
I'm currently looking for a job as I just moved to canada last month. One of my hobbies is listening to music and ipod shuffle will be the best way for me to listen to my favorite songs during my free time. The ielts test allowed me to gauge my english level especially now that i am in a new country.

Maud in USA
I am a student in a Business School. I gonna use my iPod to workout as I love running. I got a very good score at IELTS and recommend for people who trains to use TestDEN. Thanks.

Daniela in Colombia
I'm an administrative assistant in a power company. I will listen to the iPod everywhere I go. I sincerely recommend the TestDen IELTS Test, it was really helpfull for me in order to prepare myself for the big test. Thanks a lot.

Levan in Georgia
Currently I am working in Finance sector for international bank as an economist. I will use Ipod shuffle to listen music and will use it while travelling or during leisure time. Thanks.

Lucy in U.K.
I am a nurse. I will listen to the ipod with my son at home and we will dance to our favourite songs. I have my IELTS test tomorrow, which I'm nervous about. I'm most nervous about the speaking part of the test but practicing online will hopefully help me in general. Thanks.

Zuzana in Slovakia
I am a senior in high school. To talk about me using the iPod, I can assure you I will use it as often as possible. Music is one of the essential things in my life. Thank you very much for the opportunity to improve my English. Finally, I'd like to express my opinion about IELTS test which I was given on your website. I've been attending a preparation course for this certificate for a couple of weeks now. The exercises are based on the flexibility in completing various kinds of tasks, therefore you have to be very skillful. Your test was very well composed, and understandable. Thank you very much for the opportunity to improve my English.

Gabriel in Brazil
I'm an Engineering student and I work part-time as an English teacher at a language school. An Ipod Shuffle will help me a lot with my studies and work as well, as it will be so much easier to organize all the tracks I use to teach English. I'll be taking the IELTS test on Sept. 20th, TestDen has helped me greatly with my preparation for the exam. I feel very confident after all the training I've done and I really feel like I'm already familiar with the test.

Glory in Tanzania
I am real happy and thankful to be chosen to be your iPod winner. Being a winner of an iPod will make my life more funny and happy since I can load it and listen more songs than my phone memory card can hold. I am a university student expecting to graduate this year. After completing my examinations I chose to go to my village and work as a volunteering teacher since they have few students in their schools. I am thankful for the IELTS exam provided by TestDEN because they have helped me a lot in figuring out how do they look like. They have also raised my confidence that I can do them and achieve high scores which will help me in getting another good university for my further studies.

Renee in Philippines
I am a school teacher. With the Ipod I will listen to my favorite songs to perk me up in the morning before going to class. The IELTS test on TestDEN will definitely help those who want to review their English skills. Thank you!

Brenda in United Kingdom
I am a school teacher and I am currently leasing and running a pre-school for the ages of children 2-5 years old. I will use the iPod shuffle to play music to these children when I do a "music and movement" session with them. I feel the IELTS test is a very hard test to get top marks for. I think that it adds a lot of pressure and stress to the already busy lives that we are leading. However I do feel that there should be a test for people wanting to immigrate to different English speaking countries.

Cora in Oman
I work for an airline company and I love listening to music. Having the Ipod shuffle sure is a great way to relax especially after work. The IELTS test I took at TestDEN was really helpful. I now have an idea on how it will be when I do my actual IELTS test, more importantly, the areas I need to focus on. Thank you!

Malini from Kenya
I am a Behavioral Trainer and Leadership Coach. I will listen to my favorite songs with iPod Shuffle while I am traveling or while I am excessing in the gym. I am planning to take IELTS test in March and the practice test with TestDen helped me to understand what to expect and the great score gives me the confidence to approach the real test with the right mindset. Thanks for providing this practice tool and also for the wonderful prize.

Cristina from Romania
I am a teacher. The iPod Shuffle you are offering to me will help me improve my listening skills as I believe in life long learning and practising. I find the IELTS test very friendly compared to other testing systems. Thank you very much.

Giedre from Lithuania
Wow! I am completely shocked. I am a final year student in Lithuania, as a part time job I tutor a couple of younger girls in English. I will listen to music everywhere with the iPod, because it calms me down, makes me more relaxed. IELTS is one of the most responsible steps I'll ever take in my life, because it determines what I will do in the future and where I'll spend it. It's nerve-wrecking in a lot of ways, but also exciting. What I love about it is that no matter how good you are at English, you still need to work -- and hard -- to succeed at it, so it not only shows your competence in this language, but also how hardworking and determined you are. Thank you, TestDEN, for helping me prepare for it!

Regita from Indonesia
I'm a high school student. I'm mostly going to use the iPod Shuffle to listen to music and some of voice recordings, such as interviews and conversations to improve my English skills. When I took the first test, it was kind of hard for me to work on. I took the second test confidently and when I realized I got 100 as my score test, I was beyond happy to achieve that score.

Mandeep from India
I am a banker looking to immigrate. I'll use the iPod Shuffle to listen to music and to meditate. IELTS via test den was very cogent and gave me a clear insight as to what to expect in the actual test. Also gives me the confidence to go for the maximum score and fulfil some of the career ambitions basis that. Clearly one of the best sites to have tested myself on and definitely a place I would go to in future for tests and guidance as per requirement.

Alexandru from Romania
I am a certified TEFL/TESOL teacher working here in Bucharest. I was planning to pass the IELTS test for years but all the time i found excuses but now since i got such a great score I would definitely go for IELTS certification. Thank you so much for the prize that is totally unexpected.

Sasha in Israel
I am a mechanical engineer, graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. At the moment I work as a Safety Engineer in Israel Railways ltd and intend to apply to post graduated program in Railway System Engineering at The University of Birmingham. The iPod will be very useful for listening of recorded lectures during my desired studies in Birmingham. Thank you for choosing me as an winner of your TestDEN Challenge. It is a big surprise for me. I just wanted to check my language skills while preparing for the IELTS test by using your site. Thank you for your highly elaborated and well organized site. Information presented there was very helpful and useful for me. Finally, I am glad to share my opinion about IELTS test I took on the 18th of April. It was harder and more tense than I supposed, in spite of my rich experience withstand to various exams. I would like to point out, that an overall procedure was well organized and was conducted exactly the way it is described on your site. I would like to thank you for your help in preparation for IELTS tests.

Amma from West Africa
I am a music lover and would use the iPod most of the time as I work and relax. The Testden Ielts really helped me for the test I was going take and I passed successfully. Thanks.

Ana from Peru
I'm finishing studying economics anda making an internship at an NGO that specializes on rural innovation. I will put the workout music on my ipod and go put for great jogging sessions near the beach. IELTS test is a great tool for measuring the management of English language at all its complexity.

Marianny from Nicaragua
I am currently a student, I am in 11th grade and I plan to enter the university on september 2013. I will enjoy my ipod Shuffle a lot. There is nothing I am more passionate about that music in English! I feel that the IELTS tests are a great opportunity to demostrate everyone the knowledge of the English language. I think that taking this tests is essential nowadays. The practice online tests are very useful because they let you know if you are prepared or not to take the real test!

Gabriela from Uruguay
I work at a university in Montevideo. I will listen to music while I go to work and while I run. I truly found the IELTS test very useful in order to check my actual level of English and have a clear reference on where I am standing. Thanks for providing this great tool.


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