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Questions And Exercises: Chapter XXIV. The Business Letter In Detail

§ 114. Write a summary of the section. Do not make a paragraph this time, but give the chief points, each in a numbered sentence.

§115. Write a long series of short Dont's based on the section.

§ 116. Write a summary, as in 114.

§ 117. 1. Divide the following letter into paragraphs and give each a marginal title. Report the titles by number, together with the first few words of each paragraph.

Gentlemen: -

Wardle vs. Pickwick 72223.

Referring to the above entitled account, we beg to advise that this debtor has not turned over to us the accounts he agreed to and he is making preparations to leave the state. In view of this fact and the fact that we are unable to get hold of any of his assets by ordinary proceedings, we believe it advisable to put him in bankruptcy. He has a number of accounts outstanding, which are collectible but we have no means of finding out just what they are. He also has an interest in a farm in Oregon, but just what the value of his interest is we do not know. We have between $700 and $800 worth of claims against him and we are writing this , same sort of a letter to each of the creditors. If bankruptcy proceedings are instituted there will be an expense of $35.00 clerk's costs and we would ask a fee of $50.00 for preparing the bankruptcy petition and looking after the bankruptcy end of it in the Federal Court, and if we were unsuccessful in obtaining a dividend your proportionate share of the expenses would be $2.50. This debtor is extremely anxious to go to his farm this spring and we believe if we force him to i stay here and fight bankruptcy proceedings we can get him to give some sort of a settlement, and in any event we believe we can unearth enough assets to pay a fair dividend. This debtor sold out his business here and paid but very few of his creditors, so that he has undoubtedly either salted away his money or placed it in the Oregon land. The procedure we have suggested seems to be the only possible way to recover anything. If you believe this plan should be followed out, we wish you would advise us at once, and let us know whether or not you would be willing to assume your proportion of the expenses, in the event we should fail to uncover assets. In view of the fact that the debtor is likely to leave most any time, we would be obliged to you if you will let us have your answer by return mail.

Yours truly,

2. Consider the following letters and say whether or not they are too short. They are in answer to an inquiry by a J technical journal as to the degree of satisfaction its advertisers felt in the results of their advertising. Which letter do yon like the best?

(a) Gentlemen:

I have found the Engineering News to be the only paper we have advertised in that has proved of any value, and the results obtained by us from using this paper as an advertising medium have been all we could have asked. We have cause to be thankful to your paper.

It gives me pleasure to wish you success.

Yours very truly, (b) Gentlemen:

The results obtained from our last years' advertising in the Engineering News were very satisfactory and in comparison with other mediums used, our expectations, based on your claims to us, were realized.

Yours very truly,

(c) Gentlemen i

As a result of the one-inch "For Sale" card in Engineering News two weeks ago, I sold a 1,000 HP. Stationary Steam Engine to one of your readers. It is very evident that the $1.20 thus spent was a good investment

Yours very truly,

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 24th received. We return contract signed herewith. We somehow had in mind that this contract was for life, on good behavior.

Yours truly, to Gentlemen:

We are very glad to testify to the merit of your publication, both as to its value as an advertising medium, and as a thoroughly creditable engineering paper.

We have used it in both ways for many years.

Yours very truly,

3. Study the following replies to requests for information, and give your opinion as to which one is the best. You cannot be expected to judge of the business propositions, but you can judge as to the presentation. Give your reasons.

(a) Dear Sir:

Complying with your request, we enclose herewith our booklets "BONDS AND HOW TO BUY THEM" and "HOW TO BUY BONDS ON THE INSTALLMENT PLAN," and also general list of the municipal and corporation bonds which we own and offer for sale.

One of these booklets explains about the various kinds of bonds; the other tells how it is possible to invest your money in bonds in the same manner as accumulating it in a savings bank, - by making small weekly or monthly payments. All of the bonds shown on the enclosed list are OWNED by us. We first SATISFY OURSELVES that the bonds are GOOD INVESTMENTS, then PURCHASE THEM OUTRIGHT for subsequent re-sale to our customers. Our own experience and reputation are thus back of every bond and we do not ask you to put your money into any security into which we have not already put our own.

Tell us how much money you have to invest, and any other particulars which will give us an idea of your requirements. Our Advisory Department on Investments is invaluable to you. No obligation is incurred by writing to us, - simply your opportunity to acquire knowledge worth dollars.

Very truly yours,

(b) Dear Sir:

In accordance with your request 2nd inst. we are pleased to enclose circulars on


(North Sterling Irrigation District) COUNTY OF WELD, COLO. MUNICIPAL WATER 6's (Greeley-Poudre Irrigation District) both of which issues we can recommend to you in the highest terms.

We brought out the COUNTY OF LOGAN issue some time ago and have disposed of practically the entire amount, having on hand only a few bonds maturing in 1924-5-6. The work in this "district is practically completed, there being a large acreage under cultivation this summer, and we expect the entire district will be irrigated early next spring. We will make you a special price on this district of Par and interest.

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