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Questions And Exercises: Chapter XVIII. Business Description

§86. A. Write half a dozen sentences giving general visual impressions of half a dozen articles. Try to make them attractive to a buyer - any buyer who would be likely to be interested in the articles. Keep a copy for use under § 87.

B. Perform the same task for half a dozen articles which appeal less to the eye than to other senses. Keep a copy.

§ 87. Select one of the sentences that you wrote under the preceding section, and follow it by a group of details. Consider carefully the order of presentation. Make but one paragraph. Revise carefully.

§ 88. Describe some mechanical device in such a way as to bring out its use. Produce such a description as could be used in an advertising circular, but do not urge the customer to buy. Four hundred words will be enough. Throw them into two or three good paragraphs. Revise carefully.

§ 89. Write an advertisement for use in a street car. Do not concern yourself with matters of spacing and display, but let your opening sentence or phrase follow the method indicated in the text. Revise carefully.

§ 90. Write a description by effects. It may be of any length you choose. It should aim at a selling effect, but should contain no invitation to buy. The thing described may be an article, a piece of land, any property you like. But get as near home as possible. Take something that you would really like to sell, and think of a definite audience or prospect. State what the imagined audience is. ["Prospect" is salesman's slang for a prospective buyer.] Revise carefully.

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