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Questions And Exercises: Chapter XV. Idiomatic Phraseology

$ 71. Write a summary of the section; about three hundred words. Remember the last paragraph in the text of section seventy.

§ 72. Rewrite the following cases of mixed idiom:

1. This statement is probably rather unexpected, as you probably know that we carry space in all such papers whose readers are interested in this class of machinery used for handling coal.

2. The mine often has as much, or more machinery, underground than on the surface.

3. Answering your favor of May 22 we beg to say that we consider the Engineering News among the- best, if not the best, advertising medium for our line of goods.

4. I find upon a careful investigation that the service over the Michigan Central is equal if not better than that of other markets.

5. The first cost of arsenate of lead is considerably more than for pads green.

6. Road maintenance is of as great or even greater importance than road construction.

7. Rustling silk petticoats are returning in favor.

8. The janitor was left in the charge of the building.

9. The child was left in charge of the janitor.

10. This coffee is very different than the other.

11. It is more aromatic and very different from the other.

12. He is very different than they thought.

13. This is a consideration quite different than we thought.

14. This coffee is equal to if not better than the other. [Write, This coffee is equal to the other, if not better.]

15. This coffee is different and better than the other. [Change the order as in 14.]

16. These windows look to be large.

17. There are several windows on each wall.

18. There is no one who is not capable to hold that job. 10. You have the privilege to complain.

20. He seldom or ever wants to buy.

21. A maker of an electrical apparatus recently went with one of his salesmen to call on a prospective customer. They found that purchases of this apparatus were in charge of a different department than is usually the case.

§73. Use more idiomatic expressions for those in italic. You need not copy the sentences.

1. It gives us pleasure tit renewing our contract.

2. Wouldn't it be great if everybody in your office wrote a clear, clean, legible hand? You can bring about such a condition, easily, and with trifling cost

3. The main canals, to be of permanency, are constructed of rock, earth, and concrete.

4. The charges preferred against him were for uncommercial conduct

5. To the man in a private office, SYSTEM is welcomed as a guide and constant adviser; to the man in charge of other men, either as employer or superintendent SYSTEM offers business secrets which he might never have the opportunity to find out for himself.

6. The American will do the work of the $100 machines at high speed and is covered with the same guarantee.

7. In justice to you we should extend to you an expression of our gratification of the excellent results received from advertising in your paper.

8. Its broad piazzas overhang the water, and from this point boat races may be watched to advantage and ^ unobstructed view. [Insert the right word.]

9. I don't know as I want to go.

10. In renewing our advertisement, we wish to say that it is remarkable as to the territory covered by your paper.

§ 74. 1. This list should be carefully learned and recited to some friend.

2. Rewrite the following to improve the idiom:

1 The head of the firm said to see him.

2. He is the best of any of our men.

3. There are three things to do; meet his competition, buy him out, or quit

4. The office stands in back of the factory.

5. A writer of follow-up letters must have great persistence to keep at it, or he will fail.

6. Jones is the more educated man.

7. Let's go see.

8. I will go providing you let me.

9. This is not as large as we expected. [After not, the usual word is so rather than as.]

10. I cannot but fail if I try hard.

11. I can but succeed if I try hard.

12. This is such a large job that I am afraid of it. [The idiom is passable, but there is a better one.]

13. He is a hasty man because he looks hasty.

14. It did not take but little to rouse him. [Say, took.]

§ 75. Rewrite the following and make them more logical:

1. To be calm is not being apathetic, but just quietly alert to all good and noticing nothing that will disturb.

2. This policy is expressing itself in multitudinous forms: from the country grocer who gives his delivery boy a knife for Christmas, to the great pension system inaugurated by a world-wide organization - from an annual "company picnic" to a far-reaching civil service promotion system.

3. It has taken many, many careful steps in planning, manufacturing and test-ing to develop the marvelous heat-producing IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators. They are the final steps in heating economy.

4. A difference in advertising mediums is a difference in character of magazines.

5. The manufacturer or merchant who advertises in The American Magazine is adding to his business the good will and patronage of nearly 300,000 well-to-do, intelligent families.8

6. One of the great economic questions now before the people of the country is the utilization of this vast area whose soil is so rich.

7. To fill the position of stenographer necessarily gives one an intimate acquaintance with a business.

8. Strong, because its organization is composed of the best of the two strong papers of which it is made up.

9. The economical way to cover the country is advertising by districts.

10. As a certified public accountant your earnings will rise.

11. Wanted - Accountant. Requisites: Complete Knowledge and a business getter.

12. There is but one class of men to consider now, namely the dealer himself.

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