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Questions And Exercises: Chapter XIII. Accuracy In Diction

§ 61. Write a summary of the section; about one hundred words will be enough.

§ 62. Write a summary; about one hundred words.

§ 63. Write a summary; about one hundred words.

§64. A. Write one hundred illustrative sentences. The task will not be so long as it sounds. When the listed word is a poor one or an overworked one, use a better equivalent.

B. Give a better expression for each italic word. Do not copy the sentences. Number your words.

1. Robe dresses are in evidence, with spots as large as a silver dollar forming the border.

2. Manufacturers and Merchants who acquaint the public with their wares through strong, forceful advertising will carry away the prizes.

3. We are pleased to advise you that we regard our advertisement in your magazine as a paying proposition to us.

4. It is time that housekeepers got up against the cleaning house proposition.

5. The arid lands actually desert are few, but the scanty vegetation on the balance is of little value.

6. Issued once a week, it keeps a majority of America's shoe retailers posted on the latest shoe styles and trade news.

7. Considering the character of your clientele and the class of people from whom these inquiries come we consider this very good.

8. Knowledge of your proposition - enthusiasm in its possibilities - and compelling power which lifts opposition fairly off its feet - these are factors explaining the success of my copy.

9. When we seed down fields to grasses we limit our mixtures to too few species, thereby failing to arrive at the most profitable results in the maintain ing of permanent pastures.

10. But, somehow, Mrs. J. failed to enthuse.

11. It is now up to us to follow this magnificent advertisement by a vigorous campaign for business and thereby deliver the goods as advertised.

12. The failure of a squeeze to materialize on the last day of the future, and the fact that closing prices did not disclose any attempt at extortion, made it patent that an investigation was unnecessary.

C. Write a paragraph discussing the following sentence from the point of view of common sense:

To keep one's self calmly alert, wasting no energy and conserving one's forces is the sure way to gain power and magnetism, and these are the two factors which make "charm."

D. Substitute more accurate expressions for those in italic. Report the words, by number. Do not copy the sentences.

1. We thank you for all the pains you have given us.

2. The doctor reached his destination with his cargo scattered somewhere behind him.

3 We have an elegant orchard to sell

4. This book contains the baffling problems set for the C P. A. examinations; buy it and you will pass.

5. Is this field worthy your attention

6. Grape Nuts is a partially predigested food.

7. The evening was spent in games, and after a luncheon was served. 8 Wider stole stock comprising gilt-edged securities.

9. We shall finish, providing nothing happens.

10. This engine runs equally well at thirty below zero or in tropic heat.

11. Mr. Editor. I notice you mention the Rita was designed by Perkins.

12. This sextet from Lucia is the highest-priced Victrola record in any catalog. [The price is $5, as against $7.50 for certain other records. Consider what the writer means.]

13. Wherever you are located, you can use our letters.

14. The Chinese have a special fascination for calendars. [Recast the sentence.]

15. Applications will be considered strictly in rotation.

16. We will take care of correspondence emanating from this ad.

17. Roosevelt's articles gave Scribner's a lively impetus.

18. We fill every need.

19. The personal element between teacher and student is important.

20. Portrayal of color ratios that was impossible without special orthochro-matic apparatus until this improved film with its faithful chromatic balance was introduced.

21. Postum must be well boiled- - 15 minutes at least This develops its rich snappy flavour.

22. Each visit to the park will, therefore, prove a liberal education in forestry.

23. There is a splendid view of the sparkling waters of the bay, the boulevard dotted with carriages, automobiles and merrymakers.

§65. Write illustrative sentences for as many groups as time permits. Choose the groups which interest yon most. Consultation with your instructor as to the amount you attempt is necessary.

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