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Questions And Exercises: Chapter XI. The History Of Business Words

§§ 51-53. After studying these three sections, read carefully what is said under section seventy. Then write an abridgment (not a summary) of §§ 51, 52, 53. Reduce the bulk of them one half by omitting words. Be careful to leave the more important illustrative words; coffee and cotton are more significant business words to retain than nabob and syrup.

% 54. Write a theme of three paragraphs with the title, The History of Certain Business Words. Take your information freely from the text, precisely as you would from the dictionary. Let the first paragraph deal with the three or four words whose history seems most curious or romantic. Let the second deal with three or four words which carry traces of large historical movements. Let the third paragraph treat certain words that have a lively (and perhaps humorous) bearing on business as you know it. Let each paragraph be coherent. This will mean that you must find certain logical connections among the words chosen, and that your transitions must be smooth. If you can make your treatment somewhat characteristic of yourself, so much the better; these words strike different persons in different ways.

§55. Recall or find certain other trademarks, and discuss them in the light of the section, making a theme of two or three paragraphs. Give the theme an appropriate title.

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