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Questions And Exercises: Chapter X. Effective Sentences

§ 46. 1. We shall have occasion to refer to this matter of emphasis in later exercises, as in earlier.

2. Rewrite the following, placing only in its best position:

1. It only costs a cent to send us a postal.

2. There are few articles that can only he advertised in one way.

3. He is one of hundreds of depositors who only need a little encouragement

4. So long as the governor could only appoint the minority part of the commission, there would he no inducement to corruption.

5. The people reached by McClure's Magazine are the kind who are influenced by true and faithful statements about goods only, but they are influenced by true and faithful statements.

3. Rewrite the following with reference to the position of not:

1. AH the fools are not dead.

2. All the money isn't used up.

And rewrite the following in such a way as to avoid the use of do, does, and did:

3. We did not have a good time, but a busy time.

4. I do not want a brilliant salesman, but a sensible one.

5. He doesn't think that you prevaricated, but that you were sadly mistaken.

4. Rewrite:

1. This is the first grocery paper to voluntarily prove circulation.

2. In the past the farm paper's chief function was to aid the farmer to profitably market his produce.

3. Ignorance of the law waits for the unwary - to sooner or later catch the unguided.

4. To actually find out, consult the office-boy.

5. Rearrange the following sentences in such a way as to avoid the slightly humorous suggestions. If mere rearrangement is not sufficient, recast; but don't take refuge in punctuation.

1. Do not forget your tooth powder, for you may have trouble in finding the kind you use in a strange place like that.

2. Wanted - a high class open fire hard boiled candymaker.

3. We have placed hundreds of men who have never had a day's experience in good positions where they earn from $100 to $500 a month, and all expenses.

4. I buy of advertisers in SUCCESSFUL FARMING because you guarantee their honesty in preference to buying of advertisers in some other paper.

5. I always buy from SUCCESSFUL FARMING advertisers when I need something because I know they are honest.

6. Is there a man with one eye named Walker in the club?

7. Mrs. J - is wanted for spearing fish out of season with her husband.

8. We have received inquiries for the goods which we have advertised with you from all corners of the world.

9. We guarantee these socks against the need of being darned for six months.

10. I lend money to ladies with allowances from their husbands who want small sums confidentially without security.

11. We will teach you to be an expert by mail in eight weeks.

12. DO NOT WASTE TIME AND MONEY GOING TO NEW YORK, or to anywhere within 24 hours' travel from that city, for business matters there which could be attended to by a business man of experience and integrity on the spot in touch with conditions.

13. Let me study your business personally and privately with you, criticising your regular daily letters (carbon copies), and myself actually rewriting your important sales letters till you catch the knack of making them pull yourself.

6. The order of the words in the following is intelligible, but can be improved. Rewrite:

1. We, enjoy reading your magazine very much.

2. Motion pictures always will pay a good return.

3. We look forward each month to the receipt of your publication with much pleasure.

4. Charles Dysinger has during the past two years proved that it is the crop the Chippewa sand places need.

5. Referring to the advertisement which we have been carrying in the Engineering News, we beg to advise that the results have been, from your most excellent journal, very flattering indeed.

6. Since I have run the advertisement in your paper, for Recording Instruments built by Mr. Jules Richard, I have found that the answers received from it have been more numerous than from any of the others in the same field.

7. Dear Sir: In reply to yours of the 21st inst, would say that we have been able to collect accounts by the use of your System that we had unsuccessfully tried to collect for seven years.

8. A form letter showing the earmarks of imitation, upon casual inspection, is useless.

9. The layers of fabric and the inter-layers of fine Para Gum "friction" are by our own individual treatment, amalgamated into what is practically one solid mass.

10. Contains complete list of the names and addresses of the officials of American railways recompiled and corrected every thirty days.

11. For the unconsidered location of the plant - three-quarters of a mile from the Midland's junction with the C. & K. and accessible only over the former's rails - he was not to blame. But the ruinous blunder had been his in confining his sales to the territory covered by Dodge's road.

§ 47. I. 1. Recast the following in such a way as to prevent tracing the Steel Nut to the paper:

From the inquiries we are constantly receiving concerning our Elastic Self-locking Steel Nut which can be traced to your paper, we feel satisfied that it covers the Engineering field very thoroughly.

2. In some way keep the boiler from resulting from the description.

It will probably be gratifying to you to learn that while our boiler has been described in some 7 or 8 technical papers in addition to the Engineering News, most of which papers have given the boiler more space than you did, we have to date received more inquiries for catalogs and other information regarding the boiler which resulted from the description in the Engineering News than from all of the other papers combined, except one.

3. The writer of the following (Mr. Hugh Chalmers) evidently wished the word honest to be emphatic. Very well. See if yon can recast the sentence in such a way as to end with honest and yet keep the who away from the fool.

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