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Questions And Exercises: Chapter X. Effective Sentences. Continued

Honesty means what a man thinks as well as what he does. And a man is nothing short of a fool nowadays who is not ABSOLUTELY honest.

4. Is there any earthly objection to reversing honest and ABSOLUTELY in the preceding sentence? I ask merely because Mr. Chalmers seems to want ABSOLUTELY to be rather emphatic.

II. Do not correct the following sentences, but point out with precision just what each doubtful reference is.

1. The Leader will sell about forty pigs four to six weeks, old. at auction in their back yard at 3 p. m. Saturday.

2. We take pleasure in stating that we are very well pleased with the results of our advertising in your paper, the best proof of which is that we are continually increasing our advertising space.

3. This region embraces two-fifths of the entire area of the United States, in view of which, little wonder attaches to the importance of its reclamation as a vital contributor to the wealth and future prosperity of the Nation.

4. Christmas McClure's was a wonderful production, a beautiful book, full of interest and worthy of the Company which produced it. It deserves the success which it sustains as one of the leading and most prosperous magazines in the country.

5. This steel vertical file is richly enameled in olive green tone, with oxidized brass trim the finish is, baked on;it will adorn any office.

6. The Inland Grocer works for the grocery trade and the grocery trade knows it and it treats the trade topics with candor and absolute fairness.

7. One of our advertising men was talking to a manufacturer in Washington about reaching the retailers of dry goods. He wasn't sure that we had the right medium.

8. The farmers have been pruning the fruit trees. Some of the trimmers exceeded the limit, but we are assured they will not die.

III. Recast the following in such a way as to make the implied reference explicit and unmistakable:

1. In the field of Civil and Industrial Engineering, thousands of these men faith in the Engineering News.

2. Many good farmers maintain that in order to cure hay thoroughly the grass, when cut, should be allowed to "sweat" freely, This may be done by piling the mown grass into small heaps.

3. Newspaper advertising pays, although it is a great expense to keep them running.

4. Advertising pays, and all successful merchants do so.

5. Show this wringer, and try to sell them.

6. This spark-plug is good; we sell them in large quantities.

7. Franklin may have been considered one of the most progressive men of his day, but he never saw a railroad, a subway, an electric light, an aeroplane or even a card index, simple as it may seem to those who make daily use of it.

§48. Recast the following so as to keep a unified structure throughout:

1. Millet is considered by experts to be next to oil-meal for feeding purposes, and that the stalks of the plant which grows to eight and nine feet in height is the best hay for stock raising if cut before it has reached maturity.

2. The desirability of keeping men in the organization year after year and to assure a degree of assurance that will promote the largest efficiency is most forcibly expressed in the pension systems inaugurated by so many large railroads and industries.

3. It celebrates the birth of a new nation at the time forced into action for relief from oppression, but which time has proved to be a benediction and a promise to the oppressed of every land where tyrants prod.

4. It is possible that you don't realize what a great industrial plant a modern mine is - that besides using thousands of dollars of equipment consisting of crushers, breakers, milling and smelting machinery and appliances devoted directly to actual mining work there is bought each year thousands of dollars worth more of every-day power plant equipment.

5. This book describes ends sought by incorporation; stock subscription lists and contracts; tells where to incorporate and the cost; detailed explanation of capitalization and the stock system, and the status of stockholders: describes the nature and functions of the Charter and By-Laws; tells how to conduct meetings; how to elect officers and directors, and defines their duties, powers, and liabilities; full information on the protection of minority interests.

§ 49. 1. Scrutinize the following, to see if important thoughts are reduced to the rank of participles. If so, elevate the participial phrases into clauses or sentences.

1. B. W. Snow in a resume of Kansas conditions, says that the state as a whole can still raise 25,000,000 to 50,000,000 bu more corn than last year, although admitting serious damage in the southern half of the state.

2. A Safe Investment is offered in a strictly high grade money-making business not often available to the Investor having from $100.00 to $1,000.00 to place in the stock of a rapidly growing $50,000.00 corporation, having $18,000.00 of its Treasury Stock still to place.

3. The rainfall farmer is obliged to resort to the "rotation of crops" and "fertilizers" to maintain the productiveness of his soil, but in many instances where arid lands have been farmed for forty years, there has been no perceptible diminution in the quality or quantity of crops, proving conclusively the stability of the richness of soil.

2. Improve the following:

I am thoroughly convinced that we could at this time establish a local parcels post which would be self-sustaining, whereby the people of any city or village could send out to people on rural routes and doing business with its merchants, parcels of limited weight, patrons in turn sending in parcels in the same way.

3. Recast:

1 As these fruits are perishable, we must sell them now, as we have no ice.

2. The cost of the cartage of the goods of the kind of which you write will be considerable, since the rates of the express companies of this town have advanced, since a strike is in progress.

§ 50. 1. Rewrite and improve the balance:

1. This is a book the leaves of which are ruled and printed in a score of forms, yet simplicity itself.

2. The mechanism of the average binder is intricate; in the Kalamazoo simplicity itself.

3. Your message in this paper gives merchants the opportunity of know-ing what you are offering, and that you seek export orders.

2. Rewrite the following:

1. A merchant who refuses to advertise both imposes upon other merchants who sell similar goods and his customers are in danger of deserting him.

2. Our coffee is both select and the price is right

3. Study all the following and rewrite at least two of them:

1. Here, at last is a practical book on both Business Letter Writing and Business English - a book that will not only tell you how to write forceful, effective, dollar-winning business letters, but how to improve your every-day business speech.

2. And I want to say to you that if you buy a McFarlan "Six" you will not only get MORE VALUE, BETTER SERVICE, EASIER RIDING QUALITIES, and economical results, but a car made by a firm WHO IS FINANCIALLY ABLE to carry out their plans.

3. At this time the farmer not only offers the advertiser greater immediate profit than any other class, but the opportunity to make himself practically proof against ten times the competing energy exerted after farm standards become fixed.

4. If you would own a dictionary in which you may seek and never be disappointed, in which you may not only find absolute authority on the spellings, pronunciations, meanings, and correct usages of words, but a vast wealth of other important supplemental information, then you must possess this unequaled record of the whole living English language.

4. Rewrite the following:

1 "LETTER LOGIC" is not a hefty booklet, either in an avoirdupois or intellectual sense, but it contains some of my sales letter notions which might fit in with yours.

2. We can supply you either by the bottle or glass.

3. Now is the time to look your future in the face. For now either you are fencing yourself in to a narrow little field where you will find yourself standing at 40, or you are breaking down the barriers and providing a limitless range

5. Correct the correlations:

A fact which has fallen under the observation of the practical farmers is that the grasses on low lands do not produce so much nor so good a quality of milk, nor so much fat in animals as the same species of grass grown on upland soils.

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