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Questions And Exercises: Chapter VI. Punctuation, An Art. Part 2

3. The amount received by each person is computed upon this basis for each year of service an allowance of one per cent of the average pay received for the ten years just preceding retirement.

4. Four general methods of utilizing and preventing waste wood have been described first extracting from the unpreventable waste valuable by-products such as chemicals second using the waste of one product as material for the manufacture of other wood articles third preventing waste by more careful cutting and handling fourth finding new classes of material for products and lengthening life of wood by preservation.

10. Write sentences to illustrate formal quotation, informal quotation, and indirect quotation.

11. What punctuation should follow Dear Sir in the introduction to a letter?

§ 28. 1. The writers of the following had small notion of what a sentence is. Rewrite.

1. I am returning under separate cover the Lima booklet just received which is O. K. and the edges should be white to match same, enclosed find proofs for labels for Jones Company which are O. K. and your understanding of sales is correct, I hope you will be able to get Smith Brothers by the twentieth also if possible as they were promised for the fifteenth so please rush and oblige yours truly.

2. With reference to yours of the third will state that all they require are the flexible covers, please change order and omit Crawford's name from the list, also with reference to your letter of the sixth do you think you could insert the word The on the outside cover for I noticed the samples they submitted had it on but the Western book is all right the way you have it without The.

3. Not so with the semi-speed model, as the bottom is all on the water it does not curve up at the sides, so there is no danger of capsizing.

4. There is only one man we can't help, that's the man who will not let us help him.

2. Hand in all the following, properly punctuated:

1. Insincerity has taken a few orders but it never held a job long.

2. There is no such thing as a trifling dishonesty but there may be dishonesty for a trifling gain.

3. Bread and butter are the first consideration and bread and butter we will try to get.

3. Hand in all the following, properly punctuated:

1. We have every other market beaten as to time as to get to the Soo we have only to use the daily boats out of Detroit.

2. If you have not received it it is probably your fault since we wish to place a copy of the current issue of the paper in your hands.

3. This trip of the association is as good as so much goods sold as it has assured the people of Northern Michigan that Detroit can supply them as much as they want.

4. A red ink pad is used as a pad for this stamp as it makes a contrast.

5. Strawberries are not as far along as usual as usually they get an earlier start.

6. Wait for our ad for our ad is worth waiting for.

7. Now you need not be afraid because we give you a written guaranty with every car.

4. Study all and hand in one of the following, properly punctuated:

1. Among the items of cost are invoice cost freight draying depreciation insurance collections and losses through poor credit

2. The manager is interested in the work of those above him below him and around him.

3. The volume of sound produced by the Edison Phonograph is not loud strident noisy or ear-piercing.

4. He has a time labor and money saving device.

5. Rates discount and other information will be furnished on request.

6. This year shows a gain two three and four times greater than last year.

7. Our paper has concentrated its editorial subscription and business efforts.

8. The Advertisers' Directory is the most complete comprehensive and convenient publication of its kind.

9. Neither the construction the finish nor the price of this cabinet will be found unsatisfactory.

10. This machine does the work of costlier machines with quickness neatness and ease.

5. Punctuate and send in:

No advice caution or any sort of warning seemed to have any effect.

6. Does the following sentence need any comma!

This curious old chap gave us a nice big order.

7. See under § 30, p. 227.

8. Write and punctuate illustrative sentences for the use of vocatives, including the beginnings Say, Well, Yes, No, Why. 9. Give the numbers of the sentences that are correctly punctuated:

1. This paper is an invaluable advertising medium to any manufacturer or agent, who wants to reach heads of all departments.

2. How could any advice be more practical than that which comes from a concern that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to test, prove, and perfect the very plans, schemes, and ideas which this book now offers you?

8. And yet to every corner of the summer world the Pianola Piano carries musk, that reflects the very mood of theatre and roof-garden.

4. It is the only general advertising agency, which with continuity of direction, fixedness of purpose, and fidelity of intention, has spanned these four decades of activity.

5. Try the Ross Machine, which has stood the test for fifty-nine years.

6. We will send you regularly the Cement News, which tells all about concrete construction on the farm.

7. You will be pleased by the Olds engine, and also by the Seager Mixer, which never gets out of repair.

8. Your S. C. Brown Leghorns will produce eggs, which sell for hatching at $1.50 for fifteen.

9. Why pay rent when you can buy the best land in Michigan that sells for only ten dollars an acre, near Saginaw?

10. Here is a car that the wealthiest man is proud to own.

11 Here is the Maxwell 30 h.p. Touring Car, which any man ought to be proud to own.

. 12. I will send my Pitless Scales cheap to any farmer, who fully realizes the importance of buying and feeding by weight.

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