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Questions And Exercises: Chapter IX. Grammatical Correctness

§ 41. II. Write for each number the expression which should be used in the blank. Choose the word from the brackets. Do not copy the sentences.

1 It's-------- [he, him].

2. ................ [They, them] who work I will reward.

3. Of course there is much interest in Virginia over the matter of -------- [who, whom] Governor Mann will appoint United States senator to succeed the late Senator Daniels.

4. He addressed-------- [whoever, whomever] appeared on the scene.

5. Between you and-------- [me, I] I don't like the prospect

6. Let's you and-------- [me, I] go.

7. My brother and-------- [myself, I] were chosen.

8. Letters -------- [like, such as] System uses will help your sales.

9. Every time I pick up Pearson's I start in-------- [like I do the rest, as

I do with the rest] and read first what attracts me most.

10. The name of the designer was given me by an official - ----- [who, whom] I supposed knew all about it.

III. A. Write for each number the one expression that should be chosen.

1. Neither of them [was, were] asked.

2. Every one should attend to [their, his] own business.

3. The expansion of the average binder is limited, because [they, it] must be loaded up to work well.

4. None of them, not one [is, are] any good

5. The firm [want, wants] more custom.

6. His wages [is, are] higher than mine.

7. Mathematics [is, are] his business; athletics [is, are] his recreation.

8. Much pains [is, are] to be taken.

9. This means [is, are] the best.

10. Oats [make, makes] muscle; it is a good feed.

11. Ashes [is, are] what you want for a road-building material

12. There are several considerations which, considering the difficulty of the proposition, [renders, render] it necessary to go slow.

13. All sorts and conditions of men [are, is] another consideration.

14. Energy and effort [are, is] two sources of success.

15. [Here's, Here are] all sorts of money.

16. [There's, There are] every manner of man.

17. [There's, There are] lots of reasons.

18. There's [a lot, lots] of reasons.

10. There are [a lot, lots] more than I thought

20. Marshall Field and Company [are, is] a big firm.

21. Our company [is, are] a pretty successful one.

22. That firm [doesn't, don't] know what it wants.

23. Farson & Son Company [are, is] selling irrigation bonds.

24. The United States [unite, unites] in interstate commerce.

25. This firm [employs, employ] a thousand men.

26. [There was, There were] a number of men individually asking for work.

27. The number of the persons who apply [is, are] enormous.

28. [There's, There are] a number of articles to buy.

29. These scissors [cut, cuts] badly.

30. This goods [is, are] spoiled.

31. The cup and the saucer [don't, doesn't] match each other.

32. Ham and eggs [is, are] a very good dish after all.

33. Wanamaker's [is, are] advertising heavily.

34. The Rothschilds [includes, include] several noblemen.

35. [Where's, Where are] those extra pieces?

B. The following sentences are taken from the current number of trade journals. Write each one correctly.

1. The above data is on file for correction. [See § 64. 23.]

2. For every dress suit there's a hundred jeans.

3. The diminishing sources of the timber supply, which have advanced the price of lumber fifty per cent in ten years, makes the timber lands owned by this company extremely valuable.

4. This toy is developed through the same energy and care that builds every business.

5. We, your committee on public buildings, visited the poor-farm this morning, and was very well pleased.

6. Experience shows that in those pastures where few species were found together, the number of plants on a given space were small.

7. All goods you buy here is bought by us in big quantities.

8. Yours is one of the best trade papers that reaches us.

9. The Engineering News is one of the best advertising mediums there is published.

10. The fact that on this farm are grown everything that one would grow in the latitude of Washington or St. Louis is rather odd in itself.

11. Successful advertising depends on collecting all data that bears on the subject.

12. Why do you who are reading this article pay ten cents to register packages when you can purchase coupons for 2 1/2c, which insures packages valued at not exceeding $5; or for 5c coupons that insure for not exceeding $15 by ordinary mail?

§ 42. After a very careful study of every sentence in the text, rewrite the following sentences. In some cases the mere adding or subtracting of an apostrophe will be change enough. In others the whole sentence will have to be recast. This is an important exercise.

1. The fact of the covers being made of light woods prevents warping.

2. This binder will admit the sheets being thoroughly straightened.

3. Having used your paper since its first issue, both as a work of reference and as an advertising medium, it has become almost indispensable.

4. Continuing along the boulevard, the beautiful shelter house of the Park comes into view.

5. NO BLACK-FACED TYPE or display of any kind will be allowed under this head, thus making a small ad as noticeable as a large one.

6. Frequently the plant is pulled out roots and all, by the cattle's feeding on it. [This is a passable sentence, but the writer did not need to use the possessive. Why not?]

7. Pineapple slips, though not entirely new, are a help when preparing this fruit

8. In commercial arithmetic the boy labors to fix his mind on problems of profit and loss; but once launched in business these things are more attractive than baseball.

9. The goods will be shipped when ordered, and while being paid for you can enjoy the use of them.

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