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Questions And Exercises: Chapter IX. Grammatical Correctness. Continued

10. You will be repaid many times over in after years, for on the sheathing being good or bad depends whether your home will be dry or damp.

11. Aside from this big saving when patronizing us, we don't want a penny of your money until you have tried our cigars and found them satisfactory.

12. Being in conversation with a certain man, he told me that very thing.

13. And so, instead of the arid lands remaining the last resort of a crowded community seeking cheaper lands, they became the prize of the progressive farmer.

14. The demand for irrigation constantly growing, with the salutary results in evidence, was met by the organization of companies.

15. They are again inspected, sent to the finishing room, finished, given a final test, crated and shipped, thus insuring absolutely perfect engines when they reach our customers.

16. Being made in biscuit form you can easily prepare a delicious meal from this cereal.

17. The blade slants instead of being straight, so it can be used for chopping meat when cooking in a deep vessel.

18. Due to the distance of the market, these goods should be shipped by Detroit.

19. Due to general dissatisfaction in the office, the manager discharged this chronic kicker.

20. Car looks like new, and if sold will take $1,500 for it.

21. Since introducing this policy, the income of employees has been increased.

§ 43. 1. Learn the table and recite it to some patient friend. Then write the numbers of those sentences following in which will is correctly used.

1. The merchant said in caustic tones: "James Henry Charles Augustus Jones, please get your pay and leave the store; I will not need you any more."

2. Our advertising department will be happy to send you our booklet.

3. If we get this fact fairly fixed in our minds we will see that the solution lies in dividing the country into territorial units small enough to get both supply and demand at once.

4. We won't be sorry if it comes out that way.

5. We'll be glad to send you particulars of our publication and service.

6. While it is true that we are about to decrease the amount of space which we have been using in railroad papers, we would say, for your information, that we will only give up those papers which are of small circulation.

7. I wish the copies sent to me personally instead of to the office, as I will then be sure to get them, and if they reach the house, I will be sure to read them.

8. I shan't raise any objection, as he will make good.

9. I'll be glad to oblige him or any of his friends.

2. Which of the following are wrong?

1. Will you please dine with me? I certainly shall. 2 I will conquer, or die in the attempt.

3. We will change the subject, if you please.

4. Shall you be there? I will.

5. Shall I put the office to rights a little? Yes, if you will.

6. Will you be glad if it comes out that way?

7. Will I go?

8. Won't you be sorry if you do?

9. You ask me if I'm going. No, I shan't go.

10. I shall have to do it.

11. I'm afraid I'll miss my train.

12. I was afraid lest I'd miss my train.

3. Consider carefully the tense relations, and rewrite:

1. Harry T. Emerson, Menominee's popular and enterprising mayor, was born in the city of Chicago, February 29, 1861, residing there until coming to Menominee in 1889.

2. Preparing for the warm weather of summer is one of the things that housewives often overlook, thus bringing upon themselves in the spring much anxiety and unnecessary suffering during the heated months.

3. The winter carpets and rugs can be sent to the cleaner in order that they will be ready when the first cool days come in the fall.

4. Let us suppose your packages are worth $125. If you register one of these packages, it costs you 8c, and you would only get $25 protection. If you will insert one 5c coupon in a registered package it will cover $50. If you will insert two, they will cover $100. So registered mail and our parcel post coupons combined will protect you up to $125.

5. Gentlemen:

We just collected an old account of $10.00 which has been on our books for three years and we have tried every other way to make collection.

6. Gentlemen:

We succeeded in collecting an account of $4.33 which has been on our books for six years and we have endeavored in every other manner to make the collection.

7. Mr. Dysinger says he has about 80 acres of this mixed crop and claims that it was never excelled by anything which he has ever seen.

& I wanted to have filled the order.

9. I should have liked to have gone.

10. It was his privilege to have complained.

11. I felt that it was my duty to have joined in.

§ 44. I. Report the right word or phrase. Do not copy the sentences; the word and the number will be sufficient:

1. I've looked [every place, everywhere].

2. We offer money [straightforward, in a straightforward manner].

3. I am not feeling [good, well].

4. I'm feeling [bad, badly]; half-sick, in fact.

5. How [sweet, sweetly] she looks in that gingham.

6. Oats are doing finely; they look [fine, finely].

7. That expression doesn't sound [good, well ].

8. Did you sleep [good, well]?

9. This butter is keeping [nice, nicely].

10. How are you getting on? [Nice, Nicely], thank you.

11. I'm [awful, awfully] ashamed.

18. Enclosed find five subscriptions. I think this is doing pretty [good, well].

13. This firm provides an [unusual, unusually] good kind.

II. 1.-4. What form of the personal pronoun must follow a preposition?

5. Around is not to be used with what kind of expressions?

6. What is the difference between home and at home?

7. Explain the distinction between beside and besides.

8. Between refers to how many objects!

9. Make a sentence about "between breaths."

10. Write a sentence similar to that of this section.

11. Write a sentence similar to that of this section.

12. Explain the distinction between in and into.

13. Write a sentence in which off of would be correct.

14. Than is a preposition in what phrase only!

15. What word could be supplied after each sentence?

16. What is the common error?

$ 45. 1. What word in the following is wrong'?

Learn now how much longer service they give, how much better work your stenographer can turn out and how much more uniform and satisfactory they are than ribbons and carbons that have been laying around on the dealer's shelf for months and months.

2. Having studied the list carefully, report conscientiously what errors you now often make or formerly made in the use of these words.

3. Construct half a dozen sentences of your own to illustrate the correct uses of lie, lay, lying, laying, laid, lain.

4. Construct sentences with showed and shown.

5. What word is frequently used for teach by uneducated persons!

6. Construct sentences illustrating the perfect participles of swim and drink. Which of the two words is the more commonly misused?

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