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Questions And Exercises: Chapter IV. The Paragraph V. The Long Sentence

§ 16. Choose three of the following overloaded sentences. Recast each of the three into a good paragraph of two or three sentences.

(a) With the Buyers It carries the weight of long and friendly association and leadership, old in years but progressive in policy, popular yet authoritative; comprehensive in its interesting treatment of all branches of the textile field.

(b) This line shows every accepted style tendency - every novelty in fall and winter fabrics - tailored, shaped and finished in the newest fashion trend - truly a line where argument is unnecessary as the evidence of workmanship, tailoring and quality speaks unmistakably.

(c) Of the arid lands, however, not all are vacant, many of them having passed into the hands of private individuals or corporations, including land grants to railroads for the purpose of aiding construction, or those donated to States for various purposes, or again, those upon which homesteads and other entries have been made, along the banks of the rivers and about springs and other sources of water supply.

(d) By far the most comprehensive Irrigation legislation, and that most far-reaching in its effects, calculated, at the same time to encourage the investment of private capital by securing its repayment, after providing for liberal compensation, to attract settlers, and to vest in them, eventually, the proprietorship of the Irrigation system, upon payment therefor at a fair value on easy terms, is the Federal Statute, known as the "Carey Act."

(e) This Act, for which Senator Carey of Wyoming was sponsor, originally passed in 1894, and several times amended, stands today among the most effective of irrigation laws, evolved after an experience of forty years, under whose comprehensive provisions and aided by the successful constructing and operating experience of those who construct enterprises under it, the reclamation of all the public irrigable lands bids fair to be secured.

(f) As lumber always is increasing in price and getting more scarce short lengths are largely used, therefore it should be important to produce from the lumber the most superior material; this is accomplished by this improved flooring, having a firm and strong matching and tongues protected from splitting by nailing, short lengths embodied with perfect security, what cannot always be said about short lengths used in the so-called standard matching, when a large percentage of the tongues are split by the nails.

(g) Since a trust is a combination of rival firms into one organization, it is an improvement in the manner of production and sale of goods, superior organization always being a measure of economy because there are no conflicting policies of different managers to carry out, causing unnecessary expense and perhaps paralysis of the firm's activity at times when sales ought to be going on, and, on the other hand, causing less expense in fighting rivals; and as has often been shown, the trust is in a position to command all the best inventive talent and all those secrets of manufacture which are carefully guarded by rival firms.

(h) The plan of "our advertising preparation service is to make a very thorough study of the situation in the territory of the bank or trust company desiring our services and after getting all the necessary data, we prepare a plan and a series of advertisements, and we keep in constant touch with the institution, receive publications in which the advertisements appear and give our constant advice and suggestions as to the conduct of the campaign.

§ 17. 1. Study the following. Then copy out and hand in two or three important assertions which ought to have stood alone as short sentences, but which are concealed in the midst of longer sentences.

In the northern part of the state we have been teaching dairying in the schools, and a principal of a high school told me of an instance where a little boy had learned the lesson of weighing and testing the cow's milk, and feeding her better feed, to determine what she was doing. I know of one little fellow who went and told his mother he wanted to weigh the cow's milk for a month to see what she was doing; he did that; he came back after the month was over, and he had learned something more. He told his mother he wanted to feed that cow for a month to see what he could do with her. At first his mother told him she didn't want any monkeying with her cow, but he finally persuaded her, and he attended to the cow for a month, at the end of which time he found she had produced $3 worth more butter fat, with feed costing $1 less, which made a net profit of $4, and from that you can see it would only be necessary for the little boy to have 25 cows under his charge to be worth $100 a month on the farm. I want to tell you that there never will come a time when that boy will not be interested in cows, and in that way the dairy cow is an educator, and I have told thousands of farmers in the state of Iowa that if they will go home and stay with their cows for 365 days, they will know more about cows than they ever imagined in their lifetime was to be known about cows.

2. By the use of periods and semicolons, distribute the emphasis properly in the following paragraphs. Hand them in properly punctuated.

(a) There was not one of these men who could have done the work of any other, each was distinctive and indispensable. Bell invented the telephone. Watson constructed it Sanders financed it Hubbard introduced it Vail put it on a business basis.

(b) We show a big picture of the "I-T" works because they are of the finest type in the world the "I-T" is known as an Open Bridge Model which is the best design of movement. Compare its wide-openness to most others, no matter how expensive you can see it all the repair man can get at it there's no bad work covered up.

(c) Brazil is one of the most progressive countries in the world. Its territory is larger than that of die United States proper; its population about equals that of the balance of South America combined; it has 26,000 miles of railroad built or building; it owns the largest battleships in the world; its bonds are at par in the London market; it sold the United States more than $125,000,000 worth of its natural products last year. Brazilians have a natural inclination for things American.

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