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Questions And Exercises: Chapter II. Interest And Clearness

$ 6. 1. Give the derivation of interest.

2. Show briefly how this derivation applies in business situations.

§ 7. 1. About what two fundamental instincts do most human interests center?

2. Why is it better business to refine and elevdte instincts than to appeal to the baser motives?

$8. 1. Give some example (other than that given in the text) of a scientific word which has recently become humanized.

2. What is to be said about the use of "uncommon" words?

§9. 1. Explain the difference between interest and clearness.

2. Give an illustration (other than that in the text) of how a lack of clearness may lead to embarrassment in a business situation.

§ 10. 1. Give any instance you can of good that has resulted from business "advice" of the sort generally found in business magazines.

2. Give certain synonyms for clearness.

3. Give certain antonyms for clearness.

4. Illustrate ambiguity from some other source than the text, and state the two meanings that the word you quote might have.

5. Learn Arnold's definition of style and write it from memory.

6. What lack is there in Arnold's definition seen from a business point of view?

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