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Questions And Exercises: Chapter I. Definition Of Business English

§ 1. Give some business word (besides those given in the text) which is often used figuratively.

§ 2. 1. Give several technical words which have recently-become business terms. Take one or two from each of several sciences.

2. If you have access to a good recent dictionary (say Webster's New International, or the Twentieth Century Standard Dictionary) say about how many words - not words and phrases - are contained in the English language. Does this estimate include the various meanings of each word?

§ 3. 1. Are commercial words in the majority in the average business letter?

2. What does "English," as studied in college, chiefly mean?

3. Speak of words as a social heritage.

$ 4. 1. What may be said in answer to the contention that the art of writing cannot be taught?

2. What two general types of writer are mentioned?

3. Can a sharp line be drawn between Business English and Business?

§ 5. 1. Name several types of business ability.

2. How are we to prevent our study of Business English from being a matter of empty words?

3. Give any instance that you can, from your own observation, of an unwise scorn of elementary principles of English.

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