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Business Exposition. Part 3

On the other hand there must be a much larger body of law defining the mutual inter-relations of the corporation and the various classes of persons connected with it. For example, this law must determine the reciprocal rights and duties of the corporation and general creditors, general creditors and stockholders, bond holders and stockholders, common stockholders and preferred stockholders, stockholders and promoters, promoters and the corporation, and so on. - Dr. Harrison Standish Smalley: Corporation Law (in La Salle Extension University publications).

2. Two advertising expositions of classes:

(a) There are several types of vinegar, all equally wholesome. Choice should depend upon the taste of the user or the particular purpose of its use; whether for salads or for pickling or cooking. To enable the housewife to get safe vinegar of highest quality and use it to the best advantage, we will publish in this space a series of articles on the making and use of Pure Vinegar.

(b) A dismal holiday or a bright one?

Are you planning to loaf away all of the golden hours this summer? Hundreds of bright, active young people away from school or college will idle away the summer simply because they have "nothing particular" to do with it. THE Journal has something very particular to suggest to them, and something even more particular to offer them for doing it. All of them can turn these weeks or months of idleness into shining dollars by accepting The Journal's invitation.

§ 95. 1. A sufficient number of literal business definitions will be found in our eleventh chapter. Below are given some less literal and more pointed definitions:

(a) A savings bank is a baited trap for opportunity, and a barred gate against misfortune. - Andrew Carnegie.

(b) There is probably no other single word in the language that better defines success than "system." The larger the business, the better must be the system by which it is conducted; yet whatever its size, system is the essential factor. - Leon Mandel.

(c) You may already have a sufficiently ill-opinion of poverty, but you may not understand that one is already poverty-stricken if his habits are not thrifty. Every day I see young men - well dressed, with full purses and something of inheritance awaiting them - as plainly foredoomed to poverty as if its rags hung about them. - T. T. Munger: On the Threshold.

(d) Merchants of the greatest executive ability and highest efficiency are able to secure the maximum of cheap production through the legitimate factory system. Men of less business ability, in order to compete successfully, avoid the factory system of production and make use of the sweat shops instead. The sweat shop is, therefore, in a single word, an evasion, under the stress of competition, of the factory system of production. - Prospectus of the New York Consumers' League.

(e) "What is Elkerson now?" "Oh, he's a wobbler still," replied the other. "He was no good in the linen warehouse with his father, so he tried a tannery in which his father bought him a junior partnership. This, too, was a failure, as he refused to look at a raw hide, and wanted at once to sell the leather he did not understand. I believe since then he tried an agency business, and one or two other things, and the last I heard of him was that he was coming home from a "lemon ranch in California." Here is a wobbler of the first order, and the sorrowful feature is that his wobbling was so handsomely financed from home,

2. Two Advertising Definitions

(a) Grape Nuts is a scientific, partially predigested food, containing the vital elements of wheat and barley for rebuilding body and brain. It is easily and quickly assimilated, and does not detract from the morning's energy as do many other foods which are hard to digest.


The title Copy-writer as applied to an Advertising man stands for - - what?

There are thousands of Copy-writers. Almost every man who can write good English thinks he can write good Advertising Copy.

And so he can - of a kind.

But the man who assumes the responsibility of selling goods through printed words should be something more than a writer. He should be writer-and-salesman, writer-and-advocate, writer-and-Business-man, combined.

Such a man, if he is worth while, forgets about his writing ability. When he has Copy to prepare he throws off the title of Copy-writer and takes on the more responsible role of Sponsor.

Instead of outside man he becomes inside man - Director, Organizer, Sales Manager, Owner, Promoter, Investor, Organization Man. He not only sees the business but is the business for the time being.

To a man who is big enough to prepare Advertising Copy the writing isn't the great thing; it is almost the least thing. He doesn't deal in words: he deals in ideas.

In every business worth while there should be a constant and urgent demand for Advertising Copy of the very best kind. The standard of yesterday isn't good enough for today. The printed words of this week should be improved next week.

The Ethridge Copy Department is organized to meet the most exacting demands of Advertisers. It is an assemblage of picked men of ripe experience whose work reflects brains, intelligence, grasp.

If you want to sell goods through printed words or if you have a problem that calls for talent of the kind described above you can use the Ethridge Copy Service with satisfaction and profit Write for terms.

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