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Business Description. Part 2

Our Motorgo Runabout is not a row boat, but is a specially built motor boat, which we are selling at about what you would have to pay for a first-class row boat. Its lines are graceful, the sharp bow and flat stern making it a very speedy and comfortable boat. It is well built and braced throughout The engine is installed in the center, giving four good size seats, seating seven people. The boat is made of the same high-grade material and by the same high-grade workmen as our higher-priced boats, and is complete all ready to launch, nothing else to buy. Keel 16-foot, beam 3 feet 8 inches, cockpit 10 feet by 3 feet 6 inches, 2 1/2 horse power single-cylinder two-cycle reversible Motorgo Marine Engine, speed 6 to 8 miles per hour.

§ 88. Description by general effect and by enumeration are both subordinate to description by function. After all, the first consideration is the purpose to be served. The general appearance and the details are meant to show how the article is adapted to a need. The general phrases should flash the whole object before the eye in relation to that need. The details should reinforce the impression.

Here is a description in which the functional point of view is kept steadily in mind. There are trifling errors of detail, but the whole is good.

The Sceniscope

What It Is

It is a coin operated Moving Picture Machine showing the same pictures from the same Films as are exhibited in regular theatres.

What It Is For

It is for the purpose of showing high-class moving pictures without the annoyance incident to dark, insanitary, and stuffy theatres. It can be placed in Arcades, Hotel Lobbies, Cafes, Depots or other convenient places.

What It Is Made Of (Outside)

. The exterior is a paneled cabinet of polished oak, 46 inches high (exclusive of signs) 39 inches deep, and 33 inches mean width. The front has three panels set at angles, the tops of which slant back like a desk, forming a triple base on each section of which is an ornamental viewing window, allow three people to look into the Machine and enjoy the picture at one time.


The interior of the Machine contains a continuous Reel of Film set on edge, and from its inner circumference feeding down between powerful lenses and an incandescent electric light (50 C P). It rewinds itself upon its outer circumference. The power for operation may be obtained by attaching a wire to an ordinary electric light socket. The Machine starts on the receipt of a penny (can be adjusted for a nickel) deposited into slot directly under each viewing window. . The time of exposure can be regulated to suit If A, B, and C each deposit a coin several seconds apart, the Machine will continue for the last depositor but will cease exhibiting for the others when the time limit expires. The mechanism is ingenious but simple, easily understood, and not liable [likely?] to get out of order.

The pictures shown are 15x20 inches. When the Machine is not in use, the power is shut off and the light is automatically extinguished.


Coin operated Moving Picture Machines have heretofore been a series of rapidly moving cards. They have no doubt served a purpose, but they bear no comparison to [with?] the Sceniscope, which Machine in fact has no competitors and probably never will have [never will have no!].


One of these Machines experimentally operated for a penny in a Chicago Arcade showed earnings of over $100 per week, with a Sunday record of $23.70. It [the Sceniscope?] is without doubt one of the greatest money makers ever invented. - From a sales-letter by the Sceniscope Company, in Letters.

In advertisements the need or situation is often described in a word or two before the description begins.

1. "Where can I hang my clothes?" is a question often heard in camp. This handy little contrivance will answer the question to your satisfaction.

2. For fine and difficult work, where nicety of manipulation is necessary, this knife has no equal.

3. "What are you going to do in camp for milk?" Fresh milk is an impossibility. The usual condensed milk is too sweet. Borden's evaporated milk is perfection.

4. The Petite toilet case is designed especially for campers and travelers who desire a small and serviceable case at a moderate price.

5. People look at your face when they speak to you; at your mouth when you answer. Do justice to your skin and teeth by both these Colgate Comforts. 6. If you are going abroad this summer - going to London - you should have in your hands, before sailing, a copy of Scribner's Magazine Guide.

§ 89. Advertisers strive for opening phrases which will convey an idea of both the situation and the goods. In order to do this they are compelled to select some particular detail, or a few details, that will give a quick general impression. The detail chosen becomes the general impression, and it suggests the sit-uation too.

1. See that Hump?

2. The Coolest watering-place in America.

3. The cloth must be right or the suit is not right To be sure of long wear, correctness of pattern and permanency of coloring insist on selecting fabrics having this mark stamped on the back. It assures satisfaction to you and to your tailor.

4. A sunshine holiday. Trees instead of chimneys. Forest aisles instead of streets. Mountains instead of houses. Crystal water teeming with trout Air charged with life, colled by eternal snows and vitalized by your share of the blue of heaven. That's Colorado.

5. The Lather's the Thing. It makes all the difference between a quick, cool, comfortable shave, and a harsh rasping of the razor over your face.

Use a shaving soap which brushes up instantly into a thick, billowy lather; which softens the beard, soothes the skin, and leaves your face feeling as though you had bathed it in a mountain spring.

6. This rifle reloads itself, the recoil doing the work. It is only necessary to pull the trigger for each shot, which places reloading, as well as firing, under control of the trigger finger.

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